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Why You Need a Rocket Stove And How To Build Three Types

by CF, Survival Blog:

It finally happened. You knew it would. It took longer than you expected, but the Schumer hits the blades scenario you knew was coming is here. It is now “Your. New. Reality”.

To survive, you are going to have to cook food and heat water daily, for yourself, for your family, and perhaps for your friends but maybe without electricity, propane, or natural gas. All you have available for fuel is wood.

Your New Reality
The Federal Reserve Note, a fiat currency created out of thin air by the multiple trillions over the last 100 years, has been rejected finally by sellers of goods and services. The result has been goods, including propane or charcoal, are no longer available in your local area. Your local utility company can no longer purchase natural gas.

Maybe your area is fortunate and you still have electricity, but for how long? What about brown outs? Black outs?

Even if you can purchase the fuel you need, what is the cost? How dependable is the electricity? Is electricity going to be available when you need it?

Do You Have Third-Party Risk?

When it comes to fuel for cooking food and heating water, do you have third-party risk? That is, do you depend on someone other than yourself for the fuel you will need to cook food and heat water? Keep in mind, you will need to cook food and heat water virtually everyday, and for these things, you will need fuel.

Rocket Stoves Use Wood Fuel

Small amounts of wood fuel in your rocket stove will produce large amounts of heat. In other words, rocket stoves are very fuel efficient heat generators.

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1 comment to Why You Need a Rocket Stove And How To Build Three Types

  • Ed_B

    “Your local utility company can no longer purchase natural gas.”

    Really? Then from where are they getting the nat gas that they are selling? I live in an area with about 120,000 people in it and not one of them is without nat gas to heat their home or fuel their cooking stove. While this could happen at some point, it hasn’t happened yet. If it did, it would be BIG news. No news of this kind so far, and yes, I DO know several people who use nat gas in their homes and businesses.

    This is not to say that no backup cooking fuel plan is needed because it is. We have a propane camping stove with oven that can run for weeks off of a single 5-gallon propane tank. We have 4 of these with plans to buy 2 more. We also have a wood-fueled stove in our family room that we have used to cook food and boil water. It’s the backup to the backup. Additionally, we also have a small charcoal grill and about 60 lbs of charcoal briquettes. Among all these, our cooking and heating needs seem to be pretty well in hand.

    Build a rocket stove? Sure, why not?

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