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Why The System Is Set For Tyranny: The High-Tech Collectivist State

from Truthstream Media:

The metaphor of society run by the levers of the machine, and the “system” that operates government and industry became much more literal in the post-war age of cybernetics.

Mathematics and other related fields have got all that behavior down to a somewhat exact science. The use of algorithms and feed back mechanisms to track behavior has allowed the social scientist to manage people in mass, in often very subtle yet deeply meaningful ways.

Here, Stafford Beer explains a concept outlined by Ross Ashby about the natural order and tendencies of systems – including some obvious pitfalls that are being played out today.:

Stafford Beer explains the Law of Requisite Variety, also called Ashby’s Law in honor of W.Ross Ashby his cybernetician friend. Beers ponders on the dangers of the inability to foresee the consequences of the variety explosion due to come in the future as everybody wants more and more autonomy.


Ashby’s Law of Requisite Variety: “Only Variety Absorbs Variety.”

In political and social terms, this means there must be enough inputs for members to give their feedback in order for the system to correct to a state that is more “fair” and “democratic” and “inclusive,” etc.

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