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Wave of Bloodshed headed for Europe: ISIS has 400 Fighters in Europe Ready to Attack

from Off Grid Survival:

Counter-terrorism officials are warning that yesterday’s attack in Brussels was probably just the tip of the iceberg, as European officials say their intelligence suggests that ISIS has infiltrated the European Union with some 400 ISIS fighters.

The Islamic State group is suspected of infiltrating Europe through the Syrian refugee programs that has seen tens of thousands of military age Muslim males streaming across borders throughout the EU, and even making their way into the United States. Before being killed in a police raid, the ringleader of the Nov. 13 Paris attacks claimed he had entered Europe in a multinational group of 90 fighters, who scattered “more or less everywhere.”

The Associated Press reports that a group of European and Iraqi intelligence officials, along with “a French lawmaker who follows jihadi networks,” warn that “the fighters have been given orders to find the right time, place and method to carry out their mission.”

Nightmare Scenario: Autonomous cells already dispatched throughout the World

While politicians worried about offending Muslims, instead of closing down their borders, ISIS used the weakness known as political correctness to their benefit.

The truth is 400 is probably a very conservative estimate. In fact, in Europe security officials say some 5,000 Europeans have gone to Syria. Most of these have fallen off the radar, and could be pretty much anywhere at this point.

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