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Warning: Central Banks Are Unable to Prevent CRISIS!

from The Money GPS:

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2 comments to Warning: Central Banks Are Unable to Prevent CRISIS!

  • Ed_B

    “Warning: Central Banks Are Unable to Prevent CRISIS!”

    And just why would they want to prevent that which they have worked so long and so hard to create?

    Make no mistake, friends. When the SHTF, it will be because many steps have been taken over the past several decades to ensure that it happens and that those arranging this cluster-f*** are greatly enriched. It’s all part and parcel of THE PLAN that The Big Club has that we aren’t in.

    • counterpoint

      “to create”

      You give them too much credit. They’re not smart enough to imply that this is all part of their master plan. No, this is simply the end result of the giant ponzi scheme that is our banking system.

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