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VICE Editor Jokes About Trump Assassination To ‘Save America From Fascism’

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

VICE contributing editor and left-wing activist Molly Crabapple has become the latest public figure to joke about wanting to see Donald Trump assassinated.

Crabapple (who was born Jennifer Caban) responded to a viral video which shows a man at a Trump event surreptitiously feeding another man by tweeting, “I’m imagining them as stone cold operatives about to assassinate Trump – who are also adorably in love.”

She followed up with yet another tweet glorifying the would-be assassins as “a handsome married couple who are also assassins tasked with saving America from fascism.”

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8 comments to VICE Editor Jokes About Trump Assassination To ‘Save America From Fascism’

  • Eric

    Heard someone else say how they hate Trump and wanted to kill him today too.

    When I asked why, he said it was because he’s an idiot.

    This world is emotionally retarded.

  • KRELL427

    Trump is like Van Helsing going after the vampires. The sunlight is coming up and they are starting to squirm.

  • Kerrisdale

    Normally a person making such a statement, say about Hillary, or Saunders, Rubino, or Cruz, gets an immediate visit from the FBI,NSA,the Sheriff, or even the postman. But not when it comes to Trump.

  • Allender

    Look at this rubbish.

    SGT Report deserves much better—that is probably why the comment section is so lame.


    Everything else is fonestar/eric pablum.

    The quality of SGT is why,

    • Windrunner56

      Allender, it has become a personal bashing comment section. The last few comments on important subjects hardly even addresses the issues anymore. It is a battle royal amongst a few. They goad each other to point where they are tryiing to reach through the computer screen trying to choke one another.

      Still worth reading though 🙂 Can’t take it ALL serious. Slap stick has its place I guess.

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