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U.S. FAKES a “manufacturing rebound”

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

For roughly six months; numbers from the U.S.’s (dubious) “manufacturing indices” have shown the U.S. economy sinking further into its Greater Depression — which dates back to at least 2007. Now, suddenly, these indices have “catapulted” higher (lol), supposedly indicating a manufacturing rebound into the U.S.

How? We’re told by all the charlatan economists and government mouthpieces that “exchange rates” are all-important in terms of exports, and thus manufacturing activity. But the exchange rate of the USD is currently sky-high. Of course, strong domestic activity can also stimulate manufacturing. But with 45 million people on FOOD STAMPS, and more than 50 MILLION who are permanently unemployed, where is the buying-power to boost manufacturing?

A supposed “rebound” in U.S. manufacturing defies rationality. The U.S. dollar is still perched at an ultra-absurd exchange rate versus nearly every other currency in the world, making U.S. exports punitively expensive throughout the Rest of the World. Simultaneously, we’re told that the bankers have succeeded in sending the whole global economy into recession (again), so there is no DEMAND STRENGTH, even if U.S. exports were priced at rational levels.

This is a Phantom Rebound, much like the Phantom Recovery, and all the Phantom Jobs which the government (and the Federal Reserve) claim have been created. Supposedly, there are now more than 11 million NEW JOBS created since the start of the Phantom Recovery.

In the real world, the percentage of Americans with jobs hovers at a 40-year low. This translates into 3 million less Americans with jobs, since the start of the Phantom Recovery. The “11 million new jobs” never existed — just like this “manufacturing rebound”.

The Wonderland Matrix is a wonderful place. Inside, the U.S. economy is once again “the growth engine of the world”. Everyone has jobs (except for the “lazy” people!), and the entire U.S. manufacturing industry can (suddenly) be propped up by nothing more than hope (and doctored numbers).

The real world isn’t nearly as nice a place. In the real world, there never was a “U.S. recovery”, just ever-larger economic lies by corrupt politicians and bankers. The Middle Class has been destroyed, replaced by the Working Poor — those lucky enough to have any work at all. Fifty million permanently unemployed people are totally ignored (millions of them Homeless).

Tens of millions more have seen their paycheques shrivel. Sometimes this is simply due to “cut-backs” by their current employer, pay-cuts which hit everyone — except the Fat Cats in management. Most often, however, these paycheques have shrunk as Americans lose their good-paying jobs, and then can find nothing but minimum wage “McJobs”, with esteemed employers such as the Golden Arches.

In such an economic devolution, it isn’t even possible to produce economic growth, just an endless, self-cannibalizing contraction, as the Fat Cats hoard $trillions, while the anemic economy is literally starved for capital, as shown below. Fed money-printing has pumped 500% more of its funny-money into the “U.S. economy” (meaning into the hoards of Wall Street), but NONE OF THIS MONEY IS CIRCULATING IN THE ECONOMY.

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