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Trumpomania & Trumpopanic

by Pater Tenebrarum,

A Serious Contender with a Plan

Donald Trump has obviously become a serious contender for the Republican nomination (in spite of the fact that he has suffered a slight setback on Saturday). He has morphed from a “joke” that the pundits were absolutely sure “would soon flame out” to the leader of the pack. Funny enough, the only candidate who still might have a chance to catch up to him is Ted Cruz – whom the Republican establishment reportedly doesn’t really like all that much either.

We have given Trump’s success some thought, and have realized that in spite of his low-brow delivery (some journalists have e.g. pointed out that he employs a rather limited vocabulary in his speeches), his seeming inconsistencies and his rudeness, his campaign has probably been planned very well from the beginning. He is definitely not the bumbler many of his critics think (or thought) he is. He actually has a strategy, and so far it has worked very well. It’s like a very well-executed business plan, getting the most bang for the buck.

Delegates CountThe current delegate count of the Republican contenders. War party candidate Rubio seems to have no chance anymore – Ted Cruz is Trump’s only remaining competition.


Readers may e.g. recall the first Republican TV debate: he was the only candidate who initially refused to “take the pledge” (namely, to support whoever was going to win the nomination). In retrospect, it seems to have been a well calculated step. Trump has probably known from the beginning that his appeal would primarily consists of one thing: the fact that he is not them. By “them” we mean the establishment, which has completely lost touch with the base (this also explains why Cruz is turning out to be Trump’s sole competition: many apparently see him as a non-establishment guy as well, but he is a professional politician). Later of course, he decided to be pragmatic about it – the message he wanted to send, he had already gotten out.

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4 comments to Trumpomania & Trumpopanic

  • Eric

    This country is dangerously close to being fractured into a civil war. Unless people start coming towards the middle more and realize that the Libertarians are the real liberals and we have been right for a long time, it will be a war that will ensue between the producers and the takers.

    The producers will win.

  • Sam

    The TRUMP factor is the fed up with the ESTABLISHMENT factor. Trumps crowd consists of all walks of life that I’ve seen, people overall are fed up with the lies corruption and the same old BeeEss – for real. The Trumpanic is being orchestrated from the Establishment career criminal politicians, the Pope, Foreign and Domestic Heads of State, to the Presstitutes of the corporate few…This election is the biggest smoke and mirror show that I have ever known. If the Establishment steals this one away from the people, I do believe there will be hell to pay…

    • Silver Shield

      Trump is the establishment.
      Pro war. Pro debt. Pro torture. Pro abortion. Pro Zionism. Pro spying.
      All set up by the Clintons for her to win.

      • Eric

        Well it’s not going very well. A lot of Democrats are turning to Trump. Hillary has been exposed.

        She isn’t going to win. Not a chance.

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