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Trump: Another Manchurian Candidate?

from The Daily Bell:

Trump’s rise disturbs world media … As the U.S. woke up Wednesday to the news that Donald Trump had triumphed in a majority of the states up for grabs in the Super Tuesday contests, the wider world also woke up to the prospect of a man whom some consider a demagogue occupying the world’s most powerful political office … – Financial Express

The mainstream media is filled with howls about Donald Trump. Even the most positive articles about him tend to catalogue his political achievements within a larger context of GOP consternation and evident fury.

Here is our question, as close observers of the mainstream media: Is it propaganda of a sort? Is the evident antipathy orchestrated to serve certain purposes of a shadowy power elite?

To elaborate: Are those at the top of US society who evidently structure and control US elections creating a figure that is sympathetic to the tens of millions who are deeply alienated from almost every part of establishment society?

Is Trump himself part of a deeper plan? After all, by providing a significant political service to very powerful individuals, Trump could gain significant professional advantages.

There is no doubt that elite factions wish to destroy the US as a significant republican force. At the same time, they want the process to be a controlled one. The end game is to be carefully calibrated. Trump can help with that process.

Additionally, just as the mainstream media has focused on the negatives regarding Trump, so the alternative ‘Net media has taken an opposing perspective, often supporting Trump enthusiastically.

Ironically, then, the alternative media is celebrating a man who just a year ago would have been characterized – rightly or wrongly – by many of those outlets in a different and more negative light.

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7 comments to Trump: Another Manchurian Candidate?

  • Dissolution

    Arrrrggghhh! Even the Daily Bell! My head is going to explode.

    “As a high-profile businessman, he probably would want to stay away from the kind of controversies he has now cultivated.”

    – Precisely why this is not some conspiratorial set up for Hillary! As I posted elsewhere: in this race, as a business man, he has completely tarnished his name with such a huge base of people not only in America, but around the world. It’s basically win or bust for him. His future in business is probably done if he doesn’t win.

    “Unfortunately, even if Trump were elected, it is doubtful that he could do much to restore America’s “greatness.”

    – Holy shit, that’s your excuse for not wanting to at least try? My God, we have completely lost the will to try and fight back, haven’t we? Ok, let’s just give up and do nothing, and let Hillary take the helm.

    “Also, Congress creates and passes legislation. To the degree that Trump could make his presence felt, it would be through unconstitutional executive orders. Thus he would be helping destroy the remnants of the constitutional process he supposedly wants to uphold.”

    – PURE speculation!

    “Finally, as a larger than life figure, he might contribute to the expansion of presidential authority, also unconstitutional.”

    – Obama made good on his promise. He DID fundamentally transform America. Not only did he strip the presidency of constitutional integrity, but he completely stripped any semblance of the people’s confidence in that office.

  • tomche

    Yea…But I remember 2 election cycles ago with Barry spewing his “Hope and change” banter. The power elite absolutely hoodwinked the American voters with Barry and his transvestite “wife”. Those in charge won’t allow ANYONE that they don’t control to take power. Period. He is already buddy-buddy with Israel and the Jew-lobby, so indications are strong that all this huffing and puffing by the establishment is all theatre, nothing more.

    • Dissolution

      “Those in charge won’t allow ANYONE that they don’t control to take power.”

      You are exactly right, which is why Trump now wears a bullet-proof vest. It’s why he is attacked from 360 degrees. It’s why top execs and politicians meet in closed meetings on high-end island resorts. It’s why Facebook and Twitter don’t censor those who threaten to kill him. It’s why they will even go so far as cross party lines to endorse Hillary over Trump.

      Do you not see it??? Or are you just so submerged in your own conspiracy theory mindset that nothing appears real anymore?

      As for your Israel question, read em and weep:

      “Netanyahu bet the future of US-Israel relations on the GOP. Now he has a Trump problem.”

      “A premise of Netanyahu’s fortress GOP strategy is that Republicans will remain, for the foreseeable future, unconditional Israel supporters. Trump’s rhetoric calls that into question. He is far from anti-Israel, but his willingness to be anything less than maximally pro-Israel, even if just in rhetoric, is a symbolic break.”

      “Later, Trump was actually booed by the crowd when he refused to clarify his position on Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which is Israel’s policy and another common talking point among Republicans.”

      “When it started, they were skeptical, and you could feel the room warming to him,” noted conservative Gary Bauer told The Washington Post. “I think he turned a lot of people. And then he lost them, because he couldn’t just say, ‘of course, Jerusalem is the capital, we won’t negotiate on that.’” (Trump was also accused of trading in anti-Semitic stereotypes in his remarks.)”

  • joejoe

    I wish they would stop with the nonsense trojan horse conspiracy theory crap already.
    Trump is constantly attacked and still people claim it’s part of the propaganda to make him look good.Occam’s razor people.He is a good man.

    • Silver shield

      The problem is people want to beLIEve that someone is going to save them from themselves.
      Forget this politics farce and focus only on things you can control.

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