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The Use of Manchurian Mind-Controlled Subjects to Disrupt Trump’s Political Events

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

From the Drudge Report, the Kalamazoo shootings suspect told police Uber app controlled him ‘like artificial ‘ intelligence’. Is this the wave of the future? Are mind controlled subjects being forced to carry out acts of domestic terrorism being perpetrated by the left.

A case in point, look at the “Trump stalker” caught on tape as he bum rushes the stage where Trump is speaking.

The behavior on display, in the above video is abhorrent at its very core. The subject is  is not going change any of Trump’s followers  from supporting him. So what is the purpose? What kind of person would rush the stage of a Presidential candidate’s political rally?

The answer is that these are the actions of a mind-controlled Manchurian candidate. Oh I know, that many will think that this is Tin-Foil-Hat territory. That is, until people actually bother to take the time to examine the existing academic research and publications on the topic of mind control.

With this technology fully on display and the fact that the principles behind the potential use of mind controlled Manchurian candidates are well established, let’s take a look at how far this technology has evolved. After reading through this very cursory examination of mind control, it is easy to conclude that leftist liberals will increasingly rely on this approach in order to carry out their agenda to destroy Donald Trump.


Recent Developments In Mind Control

The University of Utah has already developed a chip that delivers signals from an external source directly into the brain for interpretation. DARPA is clearly involved in this technology. Several white papers and anecdotal accounts from insider sources validate the omnipresent use of these strategies as weapons of mass instruction and indoctrination. And it is safe to say that DARPA’s unit will undoubtedly be far more advanced.

MIT is boasting that they can implant memories in your brain. An example of this technology came directly from the mainstream media, an American Navy vet woke up in a Motel 6 without any memories of his life and only could speak Swedish. However, all his identification and evidence provided proved he was an American sailor.

More Mind Controlled Developments from the Government

A new book written about the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) says that wounded soldiers returning from campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq started having computer chips implanted in their brains to help them heal. This technology holds the promise that soldiers with PTSD could be greatly helped. However, technology is neutral. This kind of technology could easily be used to enslave people. I find it interesting that veterans are at the forefront of this technology. Are they going to be neutralized is the country were be conquered and we had to depend on guerrilla warfare and the veterans would form the vanguard of that force?

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