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The Secret About Obamacare: What They Won’t Tell You!

from Stefan Molyneux:

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2 comments to The Secret About Obamacare: What They Won’t Tell You!

  • CalSailX

    I don’t contract with criminals, ask the last a contract with me how well that worked for them! I am unforgiving and willing to use rule of law like a hammer… I just want your attention long enough for you to decide to do the right thing!

    A judge has better things to do the play with those that insist on acting like children.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    The actual LAW on the books, (it is fully in effect and signed into law) says that if you don’t have the insurance, there is a “penalty” on your income tax form, BUT, the law says that the IRS, gov’t etc is BARRED from doing anything to COLLECT that penalty from you if you don’t pay it yourself.

    Google it. It’s THERE.

    Here’s the trick. If you’ve been overpaying your tax and are “entitled” to a “refund”, they’ll grab your refund.

    So, you change your withholding to eliminate the refund, and your tax return shows you “owe” a penalty but you DON’T send it in, and they cannot use it against you unless they change the law.

    Feel FREE to give them the finger after you make sure you won’t be getting a refund.

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