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The Need For Counter-Soros Operations – Wayne Madsen

by Wayne Madsen, The News Doctors:

When a single multi-billionaire controls not only America’s Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Asia/Radio Liberty operations in Munich and Prague and he virtually owns and operates such non-profit non-governmental organizations like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, national governments targeted by such a menace should take notice and respond aggressively. George Soros will continue to dominate the foreign policy of a Hillary Clinton administration. Soros recently donated $8 million to boost her presidential campaign.

Nation-states that have been and will continue to be targeted by Soros’s «soft power», which has always received more than a «wink and a nod» from the US Central Intelligence Agency, which bequeathed to him operations of the Cold War propaganda radio stations after the end of the Cold War, should establish «Counter-Soros Operations» teams, or «CSOs», within foreign ministries or information services to keep track of Soros’s huge propaganda empire and its own destabilization operations.

Many nations have information ministries that serve to disseminate their own views on various subjects and events – the generally accepted term being «propaganda». However, Soros’s operations are so intricately woven into the fabric of so many national governments, international organizations, NGOs, political parties, universities, media outlets, and labor and social movements, it actually takes a full-time effort to track these entities and their activities. Soros operatives have even penetrated Wikipedia in its English and various other language formats to spread disinformation and one-sided propaganda.

There is clearly a requirement for a restricted access interactive database for national governments agreeing to contribute intelligence on Soros and all his related and linked activities to share in its fruits. There is little doubt that Soros takes much of his marching orders from the US Central Intelligence Agency – with which he has enjoyed a long association – and the influence operations elements of the US State Department and National Security Council. All of Soros’s interwoven links through his varied business, intelligence, and social networks would be a main focus of a Counter-Soros Operation, whether a national undertaking or a cooperative measure taken by interested governments.

The leaked US State Department classified cables provides examples of how Soros’s operations are part and parcel of the US foreign policy and intelligence apparatuses. Many are unaware that before George Soros became so involved with crafting US foreign policy, his older brother Paul Soros was involved in fronting for port facility projects around the world that were clearly in the interest of senior US officials, most notably, Henry Kissinger. Kissinger served as Secretary of State and National Security Adviser, and for a time held both posts simultaneously, during the Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford administrations.

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