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THE LOST HEGEMON: NWO From Clinton To Trump — F. William Engdahl


Best-selling author, researcher and lecturer F. William Engdahl joins me to discuss his latest book ‘The Lost Hegemon: Whom The Gods Would Destroy‘. This gripping interview encompasses the crimes of the Clinton and Bush families and the rise of Donald Trump who William calls a “mafia don” – and much more. So buckle up, and thanks for tuning in.

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37 comments to THE LOST HEGEMON: NWO From Clinton To Trump — F. William Engdahl

  • Allender


    “Benign Global Hegemony” is exactly the phrase used by the war-pig neocons infesting “American” foreign policy. The document is titled: “Project for the New American Century” (PNAC).

    “Manifest Destiny II, The Sequel” is from the back-cover blurb of a novel called, TIMING.

    TIMING begins on September 11, 2001. And everything that happens as a result of the PNAC-craved “…new Pearl Harbor” is exquisitely detailed—published in 2005!

    The PNAC neocon website has since been taken down, but the spirit and results live in, TIMING.

    That is why the novel was attacked before even leaving the printer…but is still available….

    When Hillary gets installed as the POTUS, such truth will be banned.

  • glitter 1

    Excellent discussion!As far as Trump is concerned,it smells/sounds like Ross Perot all over again.The Trump and Perot campaigns are very similar,saying all the right stuff to capture/steer the true heart of what is left of America.It is obvious that Perot was a tactical maneuver,which got Bill Clinton elected with less than 45% of the vote.I can see the same thing happening again.
    “Fool me once shame on you,fool me twice shame on me!”

  • Matt

    Great interview.
    Agree with almost everything. However I am hoping that he is wrong about Trump. Trump is a jackass, and probably will cave to the NWO. But still he would very likely be much better than Hellory. Although unlikely, there is a chance that Trump might even be the real deal and actually try to stop the NWO! So rather than let the known criminals win, shouldn’t we at least support the unknown guy with a chance to be good?

  • SGT

    Hey Matt, I tend to agree with you. We already know what we will get with MORE of the Bush-Clinton-Rothschild crime families: destruction, poverty and death. it’s very hard to imagine Trump being any worse. I have interviewed some who believe Trump is for real, and others like William Engdahl who do not.

    Bill Still certainly likes Trump:

    • KRELL427

      Have you listened to the reverse speech guy from Australia at .After listening to numerous interviews with lots of clips on different leaders and even the pope,they all have negative undertones when played backwards except for Trump. That gets into the subcouncios mind and in my opinion cannot be tricked, it is very interesting to say the least.

    • BCG

      Its possible that Trump is “for real” but the more I learn the more I doubt it. For example, today Trump released his list of foreign policy advisors; they include:

      Carter Page – former Merill Lynch investment banker who also has held a fellowship at the Council on Foreign Relations focusing on energy-related research on the Caspian Sea (

      Joseph Schmitz – former Blackwater executive, and Inspector General of DoD under GWB; “Schmitz slowed or blocked investigations of senior Bush administration officials, spent taxpayer money on pet projects and accepted gifts that may have violated ethics guidelines” (

      Keith Kellogg – executive VP at CACI (the defense contractor involved in Abu Ghraib) and deputy administration of the Iraqi occupation under Paul Bremer, who was the first one to deliver the official 9/11 story on NBC:

      Not that the other guys are any better… Ted Cruz has Eliot Abrams and Kasich has Buzzy Krongard. They’re all rotten to the core.

      • Allender

        The only thing valid in-yer-face dynamics for judging Trump at this point:

        1) The ruling Zio-Oligarchy are shitting their pants over the possibility of someone intelligent and articulate that they DO NOT CONTROL becoming president (however far below real power the POTUS is).

        2) Actually INVESTIGATE 9/11….

        3) Audit the fed!

        4) Gold standard—whoops! The “…only gold in Ft. Know is in the teeth of the guards.

        The list leading up to his inevitable assassination extends far beyond this sample, but all we really need to know is…#1

    • Silver Shield

      I wonder what the correlation is with people that beLIEve cryptocurrency is real and Trump is for real is?

      Bill Still loves both crypto and Trump.

      Silver Shield sticks with real friends, real skills and real wealth.

        • Eric

          All I can say is I’m sad because I didn’t have any foreign shekels come in from Israel last year. 🙁

          I guess they didn’t want to learn anything.

          • Jacobson

            Who? You?
            Oh you don’t want to have shekels, they worth less than petropapers.
            You sit closer to the lion’s share gringo.

            • Eric

              That’s true. But apparently they are worth more than Israeli flags. Besides, I have to pay taxes to the Zionist extortionists so Israel can continue to receive their billions of dollars from Americans and purchase more F-35 Lightning II fighter planes with my hard earned money and kill more innocent people.


              • Jacobson

                So you like flags burning ?
                And you said you don’t hate…

                Your aren’t paying taxes to Israel,
                Your masters print endless amount and send it all over the world.
                U.S paying petropapers and the rest of the world is paying with blood.

                And I didn’t ask you,
                I just wanted to ask Chris Duane how’s business.

                • Eric

                  I didn’t burn any. If you look closely you will notice those are real Jews in the video.

                  And yet Israel receives more foreign aid from the U.S. than any other nation. Go figure. Why do think that is?

  • Armand

    Matt and Sean: You´ve both basically stated my point, I agree with both of you 100% That said, while in most cases I agree with the idea of not choosing between ¨the lesser of two evils¨, in this case I think there is a very real possibility that Trump is not a tool of the Globalists. This is not a question of choosing between two poisons – sadly, we have already been poisoned! This is a question of choosing between taking another shot of poison (Hillary) or taking a shot of what just may be the antidote (Trump). If we take neither we´re dead for sure anyway, perhaps it´s wishful thinking, but with Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton in the White house at least have a chance to survive.

    • Armand

      Sean: I realize that this is probably not the place but I wanted to make sure you read my response to the (following) comment/question concerning expatriation which you addressed to me in the comment section of your recent Jeff Nielsen video:

      ¨Armand, thanks for your insight, it is increasingly worrisome and it’s something my wife and I have talked about, though not terribly seriously. Not sure where we could even go. Where did you relocate to?¨

      – I greatly worry for so many of you here on this site and throughout the liberty and freedom movement. Even barring a limited Nuclear Exchange (which would much more heavily impact the Northern Hemisphere), I think the ¨Land of the Free¨ together with continental Europe are probably amongst the areas that will suffer the highest loss of life when the coming reset takes place. The evidence is all around, the authorities are preparing for what they know is not an IF but a When. I don´t know if a Trump presidency can prevent or at least soften the SHTF scenario, but I certainly would not want to bet my life and that of my family on it, even if he somehow manages to become our next president. I realize that not everyone has the means or even the willingness to leave behind friends and family that cant or simply will not follow – that is a descision that each person needs to arrive at individually. In my case, personal savings and investments allowed for a fairly simple transition, although I did in fact leave loved ones back home. Epatriation locations abound – while none of them are perfect, I´d be alot more scared of living through the coming nightmare in the USA. Which country depends on your financial situation and whether you have the ability to earn a living outside the US. Here´s a short list of my favorites: New Zealand, Chile, Panama, Ecuador, Belize and the Canary Islands (Spain) and Costa Rica. Depending where you choose, you need between $1,200 & $3,500 per month for a family of four. I wish you woulld do a video/interview on this subject, it´s a critical subject which most Americans refuse to deal with or even consider.

  • Millicent

    We are in uncharted territory with DT…

    • Ed_B

      Our territory has not been charted since 1971, IMO… and probably for much longer than that. 1913… the year of our fall from grace and into financial servitude.

  • Paul Prichard

    Wahhabist islam which gave the world these 9/11 terrorists has its origin in Saudi Arabia and western funding of schools and madrassas is spreading out from Saudi Arabia the poisonous Wahhabist bastardisation of Islam to all of the Muslim world.
    These internationalists are the remnant of the British East India Company that the British government closed in 1874 and this company created the radical Wahhabist movement in Saudi Arabia in 1710, aka Hempherism, developed it into the Muslim Brotherhood and produced it as opponent to the Ottoman Empire so setting off WWI. The plan is to bring in WW3 using a pretext of spontaneous, religious conflict. However, there is nothing at all spontaneous about it.
    Read William Stuart’s 2012 book ‘The Invisible College. 9.11 to Armageddon’.

  • We are always given a report of what the cabal has done and is doing but never are there solutions to putting an end to their control. We can buy all the gold, silver, food, and best shelter, we can buy, but we will still be under their control. All talk no solutions. Trump will not help us.

  • Ed_B

    Was watching Lou Dobbs the other day and he mentioned that Trump has Secret Service protection. IMO, this is a very serious error on his part. The SS very likely follows NWO elite orders and if Trump is not playing ball with them, then his “protectors” could be extremely dangerous to him. I am not a Trump fan but at the same time wish the man no harm. He would be FAR better off to arrange his own security team and not trust the SS with his life.

    As to Hellery… all I can say is that if she should manage to slime her way into the White House, it will be a GAME-OVER scenario for what is left of America after 8 years of Obamunism. She must not win in November. The survival of our country may very well depend upon that. The thought of that serial rapist of a husband of hers getting back inside the White House absolutely revolts me.

  • Steve_D

    Said it before and I’ll say it again, neither Trump or Clinton are the answer, I’m just glad someone as intelligent as F William Engdahl could explain it to you Sean.

    Great guest.

  • Mr Cause

    I’m quite confident, the common belief prior to Noah’s flood was that everything would continue.

    The wisdom of the wise here on earth will instantly become foolishness when we reach that point in time once again.

    There is nothing anyone can do to change the reality that is coming. It is His Word.

    In fact, those who believe in the divinity of Jesus/Yahshua should understand, that if He died, time will stop for all of mankind. He is the All in all. There is nothing outside of Him. One could say that is part of His All Knowing. But then we know, He was resurrected.

    We also know, a lie never actually occurred.

    So I am speaking what is fantasy to a non believer who places all their thought into this world not able to “see” Paradise through all the lies. He is coming on such clouds.

    Tbe Trump, The Obama, The Hillary will matter no more.

  • rich

    Tuesday, March 22, 2016
    Hillary Clinton’s Orders to Rig an Award for David Rockefeller
    From the released Hillary Clinton emails (via Wikileaks). She writes:

    David Rockefeller Sr has asked to see me. I’d like to do when I’m in NY or if there is a State Dept award we could give him for his citizen diplomacy esp in Latin America–could you run traps on that idea?

    And this:

    Have you heard from Carlos Slim about a date for a mtg?…

    The Putin conf about tigers in Vladivostock 9/11-19


    for the little people…what a fraud!

  • Silver Shield

    THANK YOU! Thank you for having Mr Engdahl on! One of the few voices I always listen too.

    I hope this will help break the Trump spell the Alt (Coopted) Media is under the spell of.

    No one is coming to save you from yourself.

  • Troy

    Presidents are selected, not elected

  • JC

    Mr. Engdahl’s description of ISIS and the foundations of the Muslim Brotherhood are accurate. There are also ex-Nazi forces that set up in the Middle East to support this radical Islamic sect. It was noted that Moles Copeland was involved in his role with the CIA, and guess what his kids did…they set up IRS records and formed a band called “The Police”. I recommend the work of David Livingstone and Jan Irvin when dissecting the rabbit hole Mr. Engdahl starts to take you down in this interview.

  • Sean, SGT Report is well on its way to surpass many alternative news websites in both visitors and subscribers numbers. SGT is on a unique spot covering a wide variety of subjects and focusing on facts and subjects other don’t even dare talk about. The quality/credibility of guests keep getting better and better. Truth is no longer a lonely warrior, we are making considerable progress! Congratulations on this awesome W Engdahl interview!

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