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The Donald Trump Stock Market

from The Sovereign Investor:

In early 2009, if you bought biotech stocks, you would have made over 400% when the sector peaked in 2015. What was going on in early 2009 that would have clued you in that biotech stocks were going to be a good bet?

Barack Obama. That’s right: Barack Obama was inaugurated president of the United States in January 2009.

Sophisticated investors like me track presidential campaigns to see if a candidate might favor a group of stocks.

It wasn’t any great surprise to find that once Obama’s administration was good for biotech stocks.

That’s because, if you were tracking Obama, you would have seen that his inner circle of advisers had an unusually high number of people who were pro-biotech. And among his closest advisers was a Harvard Law classmate who was an expert in the biotech industry. Obama also spoke very highly of the industry.

The most visible sign of this is the record number of drugs approved in 2015: 45. That’s the highest number of drugs approved since 1996. These drug approvals have been one of the main reasons for biotech soaring higher during Obama’s tenure.

Image for FDA Approved Medicines

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Bottom line: A new body in the White House often leads to shifts in which sectors and industries are expanding and which are contracting. As we stare down at a new presidential election, now is a good time to start planning for another shift in the stock market so you are well-positioned to profit…

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