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The Council of Foreign Relations Declares War On Donald Trump- His Days Are Numbered

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

There will be no parades and no media shows which start out as… “we interrupt this broadcast to bring you this breaking news item…”, but the almighty Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) has spoken and they are endorsing a Hillary Clinton, but mostly they have issued a position statement that Donald Trump must be stopped at all costs.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is their choice and has always been their choice to follow Obama into the White House, with her criminal behavior notwithstanding.

As an average American, anytime the CFR, or its first cousin, the Trilateral Commission endorses a candidate, no matter how subtle the endorsement, I assume it is opposite day and move in the other direction.

Relevant CFR History

david rockefeller

Do you know your CFR history? The CFR was the first “modern-day” globalist organization that arose in the early 1920’s when President Wilson was unable to convince the Senate and the American people that it would be a good idea to join The League of Nations, which arose out of the ashes of World War I.

The League of Nations, like its descendant, the United Nations, was designed to usurp national sovereignty from its member nations. The CFR was founded by John Rockefeller and they worked very hard at obscuring their existence in the media (whose top elite were members). Any talk of the CFR would have earned that person the original label of “conspiracy theorist”.

The main goal of the CFR is world governance and a one world economy that they control. The one world economy is taking shape and it is comprised of those people that Patrick Wood calls technocrats. I hope you are sitting down. These people are intent on owning all energy on the planet through unrealistic caps on our energy usage. Their system of carbon trading will reduce the lifestyles of the average person to about the 1870’s in terms of lifestyles, if we are lucky. Dehumanization and Depopulation are central themes of this approach. Pat Wood details this in his book Technocracy Rising.

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5 comments to The Council of Foreign Relations Declares War On Donald Trump- His Days Are Numbered

  • B.M.

    Whether a speech today by the worm, back stabber Mitt Romney, or a scathing article in the LA Times, the elite and their political lackeys are attacking Trump with everything they’ve got including the kitchen sink. I love it!

    While I am by no means a Trump supporter in general, I am all for the man if he is completely AGAINST the bankster globalists, and it appears that may be the case.

    The more they bash this guy, the more WE THE PEOPLE need to continue pushing for Trump and tearing down the establishment’s system pillar by pillar until they (and their career bought and paid for politicians) are FINISHED for good.

  • joejoe

    It’s either Sanders or Trump.The American people are not going to vote for a puppet.

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