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Survival Saturday: More Islamic Terror, Kid Mowing Lawn Makes National News, Babies Die from Vaccines

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

Islamic terror is in the headlines again, along with deadly vaccines, and a puzzling story that demonstrates just how far away our society has actually gotten from the original “Land of Opportunity” roots of our nation.

Survival Saturday is back after a brief hiatus. Here’s this week’s  round-up of news and recommended reading material for folks who are interested in being prepared.

Deadly Terror Attack in Belgium Blamed on ISIS

300 people were wounded and 31 people were killed in horrifying coordinated attacks in Brussels, Belgium. An airport and a subway station were bombed, and ISIS has taken credit for the attacks.

But don’t blame Islam. It’s the religion of peace, remember? At least one source says that the real culprit is a leadership that is unwilling to criticize Islam for fear of being politically incorrect. Judith Bergman wrote, “Western political and military establishments, as well as media and cultural elites, refuse to examine the political and military doctrines of Islam, and make them a subject of honest intellectual inquiry. When they are facing an enemy that uses these very doctrines as its reason for being, this refusal can only be described as gross malfeasance and reckless endangerment.” Many reports say that there were sufficient warnings before these attacks, but they were ignored, perhaps purposely.

According to some predictions, the terror in Belgium may not be over. The badge of a murdered security guard for the Tihange Nuclear Plant was stolen, the security at the plant has been said to be lax, and the ingredients for a dirty bomb have also gone missing in recent weeks. This article puts together a chilling, credible theory. (Prosecutors in Belgium have “ruled out” any “militant link” in the murder of the guard, so rest easy.)

Of course, every time there’s a terror attack, people scramble to try to guess the next target, and thus far, are never correct. While the experts may not be able to predict the next target, one thing is nearly certain: there will be a next target.  More than 400 trained fighters have been dispatched to Europe with instructions to conduct attacks.

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