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SUPER SHEMITAH: Elite’s Jubilee Year Plan to Crash World Economy by October 2016

from The Dollar Vigilante:

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14 comments to SUPER SHEMITAH: Elite’s Jubilee Year Plan to Crash World Economy by October 2016

  • Rdawg

    Oh good, it’s the return of the Shemitah. No wait, make that the SUPER Shemitah. And after October comes and goes, it will be the upcoming SUPER DUPER Shemitah. Or maybe the ULTRA Shemitah.
    Props to Berwick for doubling down on this crap, though. Ya gotta like a guy that sticks to his guns.

    • AZCats

      And after that will come the Super Duper Duper (Bo Polney takes a) Pooper Shemitah

    • lastmanstanding

      …guns…and smokes cigarette’s (badly lol!)and drinks wine during most interviews.

      He’s still a jizz…lmfao!

      I almost forgot about all the slave Mexican labor he uses around his home…

  • JC

    Seriously??? The dollar vigilante!! Good for laugh though. Have many psyops do people need to keep them fearful? Stay prepared for many scenarios and be prepared to adapt. After that, have fun, enjoy your family and realize this ride on earth is a short one.

    • Millicent

      Amen… Berwick is a con artist.

      • Johny Comelately

        To all the naysayers, we will see who gets the last laugh!

        Bo Polny explained in a recent video that he doesn’t predict anything. He “calculates it.” Based on the biblical dates, math, shemita, jubilee cycles and dates overlapped over historical events, we can only guess what might happen.

        All those who like to laugh at Bo or call Jeff a con-artist should check there recent track records. The actionable market advice given by these two over the past 12 months has been nothing short of phenomenal. And as Gregory Manarino says, he can be wrong more than 50% of the time and still make lots of money.

        I don’t know and can’t predict the future, but it’s not looking good. Warning signs are flashing all around us. It’s not time to giggle and name call. Better prepare! This is not fear porn, it’s hope because there are things you can do.

        People laugh at me for prepping. But this lifestyle has been profitable for me. Living in Canada, food inflation has been steep. My food storage stock has gone up 60% since I bought it. My other prepping investments have gone up too while enriching my life in the present and for the better. The alternative is not to prepare, live in fear, be a dependent on a collective system and risk losing everything. The path you choose is yours.

      • glitter 1

        December is coming!

        • GoldTooth999

          hey, glitter1. RK’s plea on preparedness deserves a listen. But his price projections for many multiples and prophecy for a new dark age have been terribly off for many years. And thank GOD for that!

          $2,500 and $100 by the middle of 2016?

          • glitter 1

            “$2,500 and $100 by the middle of 2016?”

            Unknown,but when it goes it will go fast, imo. All of the anecdotal evidence is pointing towards 2016 as the turning point.

  • Joel

    And come 2017, it will be Junior Shemitah – The bastard grandson of Super Duper Ultra Shemitah whose grandma is Super Blow Phoney Pooper Shemitah.

  • Silver Shield

    Another round of Bullshita???

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