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Senator Ted Cruz Protects GMOs, Calls GMO Labeling-Advocates Anti-Science

Joining Hillary Clinton as a Monsanto shill

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

During a recent agricultural summit in Iowa, Ted Cruz used the words “anti-science zealotry” to describe the viewpoint of the over 90% of Americans who want GMOs labeled. Like Hillary Clinton, Cruz seems to have picked sides in the GMO debate, and his name calling isn’t very pretty.

As S.D. Wells has said:

“The term anti-science is pure propaganda from Monsanto, regurgitated by Cruz, and doesn’t even make sense. If health enthusiasts are ‘anti-science,’ then GMO proponents are ‘pro-genocidal-science.’ Hitler used science, too, to exterminate over 6 million innocent people. Are people who are against that type of science also ‘anti-science’?”

Cruz recently told his audience – whoever that is – through the Washington Post, not to let “anti-science zealotry” shut down GMOs. This remark came at a time when major food corporations are doing an about-face on GMO labeling due to Vermont’s mandatory bill going into effect this July. He also said that the anti-GMO movement is driven by “hysteria.” Considering that so many people are against agrichemical companies like Monsanto, Dow, and Syngenta and the food companies who have been (illegally) blocking food transparency, Cruz must be expecting a hefty paycheck. Declaring such a thing is otherwise a bit of political suicide.

Cruz also stated:

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2 comments to Senator Ted Cruz Protects GMOs, Calls GMO Labeling-Advocates Anti-Science

  • Ed_B

    I just love it when someone who is NOT a scientist starts telling those of us who ARE scientists what is supported by science and what is not. I would love to ask Cruz what studies have been done on the long-term effects of GMO foods on human DNA. I suspect that he would get that deer-in-the-headlights look on his face rather quickly.

  • tomche

    I just think that we need to change the glasses with which we view the likes of politicians.

    Seems to me that we devote too much time and focus to these cretins…as if politics can change anything. It can’t. The reason it cannot is because it has been totally conscripted long ago, and what remains is just a show. That’s it. So, once you see it for what it is, why pay homage to it?

    When I was young, I remember feeling a sense of pride and awe when I met politicians (Nixon and later, Clinton). But that was naive, innocent youth. Back then we always saw the good in people and just couldn’t imagine that people that we placed in a position of power and authority would betray us. No, that could never happen. After all, they promised us as much in their speeches and in their private talks.

    Of course, now, some 50 years later, I can’t find those rose-colored glasses that I once viewed politicians (and others). But even these bifocals with which we view the current lot of scum needs changing. In fact, perhaps we need not bother trying so hard to understand them and invest so much time caring. Because the truth is that it’s all gone. What’s left is only shadow of what once was.
    Sociopaths and psychopaths now litter the landscape, void of any sense of truth, empathy or dignity.

    This is what we are left with. So, knowing what we know, I suggest we focus on more important things like:

    Family. Spend extra time with your spouse, close friends and children.
    Spirit. Pray more. Allow yourself to get in touch with GOD – whatever that means for you. Spend more quiet time alone.
    Love. Give of yourself to those you love and care for. Tell them how much love them and SHOW them how much they are loved.
    Learn. Spend time on trusted sights (Like SGTReport) and do what you can to stay abreast of things.

    Anyway, just some thoughts from the heart. It’s a beautiful day.

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