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Who Benefited From 9/11?

from NRUN65:

There exists overwhelming evidence – video, audio, professional witness, and scientific – that the unfathomably bizarre 19-hijacker conspiracy theory was back then, and still is, impossible to believe.

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3 comments to Who Benefited From 9/11?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Michael Chertoff, and Congressmen who made money from Airport security scanners, bomb sniffers, etc. Wasn’t one of the Congressmen (or Senator) named Graham? Somebody in COngress, his WIFE was employed by some airport bomb sniffer-scanner company (we learned those machines don’t work well.)

    BlackWater and others who were hired as security and private armies operating “off the books” and “above the law” far too many times.

    Israel benefited, of course. As well as NATO “friends” who put more legal packages thru to their benefit.

    NSA (USA), & UK security services that get FREE RIDE for all surveillance. The list is HUGE.

    Bush family empire, of course. Cheney, military, CIA, FBI, Bankers, Zionistas,….
    Federal Reserve Criminals, and so much more.

    I wish all the world’s criminals would face REAL justice. Painful enough for them to decide their crimes were NOT worth it.

    • SGT

      Couldn’t agree more. It would be one of the happiest days of my life if these evil, corrupt “people” were brought to justice on a global stage.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        A day or two before the Pakistan bombing of Christians (and the similar beheading of Catholic priests), and old lady friend I know, called me out of the blue, and said there was going to be some BIG event, many people will be killed, and somehow it will involve Rome Italy.

        She had a bad time trying to sleep, and it kept her up all night long.

        (The old lady, is very spiritual, was raised Catholic, but has a “Universal gift” for being sensitive of a lot of things, even before they happen.)

        Anyway, she called back, and said that her “feeling-intuition” has been “fulfilled” by the Pakistan event, the kidnapping/killing of Catholic Priests (servants of Rome-Vatican), and the targeting and death of so many Christians & children.

        When she told me before the event, the way she described the vast deaths, and wide regions involved, I personally dismissed the Pakistan bombing because fewer than 100 died, and it was a Very small geographical area. But the old lady’s strong emotional connection to her Catholic faith (Rome), made sense in HER SOUL, even if not in mine. (probably because I don’t care much for the Vatican & so many things they’ve been involved in.)

        But in HER mind, the Vatican is a bright, shining beacon of the world, at least in her heart it is, so that is how her “intuition-premonition” is focused.

        There are people who are heavily focused on the football games, and any little upset in the gaming world is HUGE for that kind of person.

        As for SGT, me, and most of your readers, the FINANCIAL criminal world, money collapse, and future starvation of perhaps more than a BILLION people is what is important in MY heart.

        I am sad and upset about the deaths of people in MANY situations. But one thing is for SURE, I would NOT allow myself to “Stand OUT” as being SO different from the “main stream idiots” as to get myself “targeted”.

        Such as, DON’T VISIT Muslim Lands. Don’t visit North Korea. Don’t go CAMPING, hiking in a war zone, or near the Iranian Border.

        Don’t be the ONLY Marshmallow floating in a Cup of (Black) hot chocolate (that’s why I got OUT of Detroit. It is more than 82% Black. Far too many people in Detroit, are acting like the main attraction on the Jerry Springer Show. I’ve seen it. Once or twice, I’ve had to go outside at 2am on my front porch, with a big gun, to show local car thieves going into cars looking for goodies, show them that somebody who is ARMED is watching them.

        They got the “FLOCK” out of there, but were shouting at me as they left. They were part of the local Swedish-Amish Gangs. /sarc off.

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