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Saudi Ambassador FAIL: Attempt To Push “Elections” In Syria Falls Flat In Absence Of Elections In Saudi Arabia

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

If there was ever any question what hypocrisy looks like in the flesh, Abdallah al-Mouallimi, the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United Nations, put on a live display when he agreed to an interview with journalist Mehdi Hasan.

Hasan merely asked Mouallimi a simple question – why elections were being demanded for Syria when the same is not tolerated in Saudi Arabia. Mouallimi’s attempt to dodge the question were rebuffed by Hasan and what resulted was Mouallimi not only admitting his country’s lack of respect for the right of Saudi citizens to choose their own leaders but also that Saudi Arabia has ulterior motives for its attempt to destroy the secular Syrian government.

The entire clip of the interview, being widely shared across the Internet, is a classic example of real journalistic questioning and the inability of world leaders to justify their imperialist actions against Syria.

Below is the  transcript of the clip:

Hasan: Many people might say that’s a good thing, there should be democracy in Syria, there should be an elected government in Syria, but they might also wonder why are you ok with an elected government in Syria, but not an elected government in Saudi Arabia. If the people of Syria get to choose their rulers or head of State, why can’t the people of Saudi Arabia choose their own head of state?

Mouallimi: Go and ask the people of Saudi Arabia . . .

Hasan: I can’t, can I?

Mouallimi: Of course you can.

Hasan: No, it’s illegal in Saudi Arabia to call for a change in the government, to call for the King to come out of office.

Mouallimi: I didn’t say go call for a change of government, I said, go and call and ask the Saudi people whether they are happy with their system of government.

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