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Rush Limbaugh: Watch Out for Jeb at the Convention

Jeb Bush is gonna be the nominee.  That’s what they’re gonna do.  That’s what they’ve always wanted.


It’s abundantly clear that the Republican establishment, all these reports we’ve had prior to today about them being in panic have not even gotten close to reality. The panic is real today. They are acting as though their own very future is at stake today. And they have decided that the future of the Republican Party, as you know it and love it, hangs on what happens in Ohio. Meaning John Kasich, in their view, had better win this thing. Now, keep in mind Kasich doesn’t have a prayer of becoming the nominee.  He doesn’t have a prayer.  If John Kasich thinks he’s gonna become the nominee in a contested convention, he’s got another thing coming.  If it gets to that point, can I tell you who I think they’re gonna make president, or make the nominee, if all this happens, as they want it to?  Remember, now, we’ve got a guy on the Republican committee, convention committee rules committee writing today in The Daily Caller that first ballot delegates are not bound to vote for the candidate that won their state’s primaries.

Everybody’s thinking that that’s the rule, that on the first ballot, that’s why primaries matter, that’s why this matter of 1,237 delegates matters.  Whoever gets there is automatically the nominee.  This guy writes a piece today saying, no, no, no, no.  That that that that’s not the case.  Delegates can vote whoever they want, on any ballot.  Oh, really?  He says ’76 is the only time this was actually put into — ’76, yeah, that’s when they denied Reagan.  So I’m just telling you, if they succeed in this, if they sucked in denying Trump or Ted Cruz 1,237 delegates by the end of the primary process, I’m here to tell you Jeb Bush is gonna be the nominee.  That’s what they’re gonna do.  That’s what they’ve always wanted.

And Jeb himself said back on December 14th of 2014 when this whole process started Jeb said that his strategy was to lose the primaries and win the nomination. And everybody said, “What? How you gonna do that?” And the answer we got, money. He’s gonna outspend everybody. He’s gonna whittle the field. He’s gonna show the rest of the field they can’t compete with him financially. He’s gonna split the conservative vote by having all these conservatives in the race, they’re not gonna have a prayer, and Jeb’s gonna be the coalition favorite. He’s gonna have all the money, and that’s that.

And what they meant was Jeb’s gonna win the nomination without having to kowtow to Republican Tea Party base voters, meaning Jeb’s not gonna have to talk about abortion. Jeb’s not gonna have to talk about immigration. Jeb’s not gonna have to talk about any of these things that matter. He’s gonna win the nomination nevertheless. And it may well yet happen. If not Jeb, they’ll go Romney. But if Kasich thinks it’s gonna be him — and I don’t doubt that he does. That’s why he wants to win Ohio and stay in. And now there’s talk that Rubio will stay in even if he loses Florida. And Rubio and Kasich have both said that they are rethinking their pledge to support the nominee, that came as recently as a week ago.

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