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by Adan Salazar, InfoWars:

A pair of Libertarian ideologues have established an organization attempting to rally support behind Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

The “Libertarians for Trump” group, created earlier this week by editors Dr. Donald Miller and economics professor Walter E. Block, admits “it has its work cut out for it in mobilizing massive support for Donald Trump within the libertarian community.”

This is because, Block writes, “there are some libertarians who oppose supporting any politician for political office, even a 99% pure one such as Dr. Ron Paul.”

“There are several issues upon which libertarians do not and cannot support Donald Trump. For example, protectionism,” writes Block. “But, typically, regarding the issues where Mr. Trump deviates from libertarianism, so do the other candidates.”

While a true Libertarian candidate would more closely embody the party’s goals than Trump, Block says the group’s ultimate goal is not to seek a “perfect” candidate, but “to throw our weight behind the candidate who has a reasonable chance of actually becoming President of the United States whose views are CLOSEST to libertarianism.” [emphasis theirs]

And where Trump really stands out, Block says, is his foreign policy.

“As Murray Rothbard and Bob Higgs have demonstrated over and over again, US foreign policy determines what occurs in economics and in the field of personal liberties,” writes the senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. “Foreign policy is the dog that wags the other two tails.”

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  • Allender

    Perhaps the best reason to support Trump is the rabid fear he instills in the Rothchilds and Rockefellers and….

    Such instilling means killing the instiller.

    I’d never have imagined this “Bush -vs- Clinton” corn dog and pony show being flipped on its perineum—never imagined it being interesting.

    Are Americans really beginning to stir?

  • Millicent

    Things are happening that will even confound the gno-it-alls.

  • KRELL427

    The Trump bandwagon is gaining momentum.

  • Truthseeker

    Trump isn’t a Libertarian. He wants to expand the military. Our miltary is already bigger than all others combined. I don’t think Alex Jones is a Libertarian anymore either. Infowars theses days is like Trump campaign headquarters. sgtreport ignores Gary Johnson, but he is a real Libertarian. Maybe sgtreport is leaning more toward Drudge Report which is basically Republican news. Republican stackers. There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t call it Libertarian.

    • Vikki

      Trump: Interesting phenomenon.

      Don’t completely trust him, but he calls out the media with no reservations. Republicans hate him, so that makes me like him. A military that protects our borders is not a bad thing. A military that wants to expand the American empire, that’s a different story. With how much Trump rails on the Iraq war as well as work with Putin on stopping ISIS, I see Trump as an improvement over Soetero and Bush W.

      No offense meant, but Gary Johnson strikes me as a weenie. Besides, in this election cycle, it will be either a Rep or Dem. Hopefully in the future we have better choices but that is how it is right now.

      • Truthseeker

        If Trump was just interested in defending our borders he wouldn’t need to expand the military. He is no Ron Paul. Ron Paul would have downsized the military and defended the borders. In fact, Ron Paul has said Libertarians should support the Libertarian Party, but nobody listens to him anymore including Infowars and sgtreport. Everyone seems to have been sucked into Trump reality TV.

        • JC

          They are nervous because he wants a great America again, which is not what the globalists want. They want a world where power is evenly distributed within their own quarters. This way, no one group out of line can take down the NWO. Trump is akin to the Goldwater group that wanted to boot the Rockefeller Republicans in favor of American interests.

          Trump is not perfect – his apparent love for Israel disgusts me, but I believe he is smart enough to play that card wisely. He has said he would build a more efficient military, which means more for less money.

          He talks at length about backing out of NAFTA, securing borders and scrapping the TPP. This are big game changers if he can get it done.

          Now, do I put my trust in him? No, I don’t trust anyone in this game anymore. I don’t vote, and I don’t plan to. That said, whether Trump is the real deal or not, I think he expedites this corrupt systems’ demise. We can no longer abide the slow burn.

  • Millicent

    The Eric & Fonestar circus has left town…

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