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by Bernie Suarez, Activist Post:

With the recent story about the sudden capture of a “top suspect” Salah Abdeslam in the Paris shooting event of November 13, 2015, it appears the Paris shooting was brought back into the news this weekend perhaps to reinforce the story in the minds of the masses as damage control stemming from the recent damning public statements made by “Eagles of Death Metal” band frontman Jesse Hughes who had admitted the entire event seemed staged before completely retracting his story just 48 hours or so afterward.

Perhaps the controllers felt the retraction by Hughes was not enough so they pulled what I called an “I shot Bin Laden” stunt on the masses. An “I shot Bin Laden” moment is when a story is engineered and put out by the mass media for the primary reason of bringing the “story” back to life after a long period of being on the shelf. We see this all the time; for example, whenever they put out a story about how they “found” a plane part of MH-370, or the San Bernardino “cell phone cracking”, or even the new Boston bombing movies that will be released later this year.

The “I shot Bin Laden” reference itself, of course, stems from the 2014 “story” about the Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill who suddenly claimed he alone shot Bin Laden to death. This story mostly served to resurrect the Bin Laden capture hoax in the minds of the masses.

So let’s face it, the gap between Hollywood fantasy and mainstream media is now mostly gone. The two ideas have merged. Every piece of news-related “evidence” is now a fully controlled scene with carefully edited video clips and soundbites. Because he is charged with the broad paintbrush of “terrorism”, like the individuals at Guantanamo Bay prison, we’ll never know what exactly the accused man, Salah Abdeslam, is guilty of, if anything, who manipulated the evidence, and who acted as final judge.

And for anyone who is caught in the middle of the game and finds themselves to be a pawn in a much larger game, to these people there is little hope of escape from political prosecution as many of the Guantanamo prisoners have learned all these years. Unfortunately for the newly accused Salah Abdeslam, the supposed “top suspect” in 2015’s Paris shooting, historically speaking, political patsies have not fared well. Like the Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs of the world, Abdeslam will have no voice, no leverage and no influence on the final outcome of what will happen to him because whether he realizes it or not he is nothing more than a patsy in a much bigger story being told. What story is that?

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