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Obama Says Climate Change Is a ‘Major’ Problem, But ISIS ‘Not an Existential Threat’

by Susan Jones, CNSnews:

“Groups like ISIL can’t destroy us, they can’t defeat us,” President Obama told reporters in Argentina on Wednesday. “They’re not an existential threat to us,” he said.

A few sentences later, he described climate change as a “major” problem.

On a day when morgues and hospitals in Brussels were still trying to identify the dead and the grievously injured, Americans among them, Obama described the terrorists as “vicious killers and murderers who have perverted one of the world’s great religions, and their primary power, in addition to killing lives, is to strike fear in our societies, to disrupt our societies.”

Obama said he will be “systematic and ruthless and focused” in going after the disrupters, but in the meantime, “It is very important for us to not respond with fear.”

The president told people to remember that terrorists “do no have power over us” because they “offer nothing except death.”

In the next sentence, he mentioned climate change:

“And so it’s important for the U.S. president and the U.S. government to be able to work with people who are building and who are creating things and creating jobs and trying to solve major problems like climate change…”

At the same news conference, Obama thanked the Argentine president for supporting the Paris climate change agreement.

It is worth remembering that Obama himself attended the Paris climate talks, arriving thre two weeks after the November 2015 terror attacks in that city.

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