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NSA Chief Warns Attack on Power Grid Very Real Threat: Entire Grid at Risk of Going Down

from Off Grid Survival:

Earlier this month, while speaking at RSA, Admiral Michael S. Rogers, U.S. Navy, Commander, U.S. Cyber Command, Director, National Security Agency/Chief, Central Security Service, warned that coming cyber-attacks could spell doom for not only the power grid but our entire financial infrastructure as well.

During his keynote speech at RSA, the world’s largest cyber security event, Rogers told attendees that it’s “matter of when, not if” cyber hackers successfully attack the grid. He told the crowd that the recent December 23, 2015 cyber-attack in the Ukraine, where a group of hackers successfully penetrated the Ukraine power grid and took large segments of it offline, was a precursor to what we could see in the future.


Although we have presented evidence that this has happened numerous times in the past, the Ukrainian attack is the first publicly acknowledged hacker-caused power outage – one that left hundreds of thousands of homes without electricity.

According to Ars Technica, this “first-ever hacker caused power outage” used a new type of destructive malware called “Black Energy”.

According to researchers from AntiVirus provider ESET, the Ukrainian power authorities were infected using booby-trapped macro functions embedded in Microsoft Office documents. If true, once thought secure sectors could be anything but secure. Millions of people could be infected using simple social-engineering ploys that can easily bypass these complex security controls..

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3 comments to NSA Chief Warns Attack on Power Grid Very Real Threat: Entire Grid at Risk of Going Down

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I’m more concerned with the banking criminal crash taking down the power, water, gas & sewer grids than I am about any terrorist.

    Oh,, when you say “terrorist”, do you include the 5 dancing Israeli Mossad agents like happened on 9-11?

    Because the BANKING terrorists, Wall Street,etc, are mostly Jewish too.

  • Randy

    Yes, the collapse of the fiat paper currency we use here, the USD, due to hyperinflation will bring the grids down all by itself. You will not be able to find enough men who are so foolhardy as to risk life and limbs for little to no pay. Being a lineman is every bit as dangerous a job as astronaut, race car driver or military man. Those guys walk straight into harm’s way on a daily basis, and that’s why they cannot be insured by any publicly traded insurance company. When they are not paid enough to feed their family or even get to work because the cost of fuels is out the roof, they will have to sit at home.
    When the utilities cannot afford to pay their fuel bills to generate electricity or pay for replacement parts because the money in their coffers are all depleted, the grids will go down. Maybe not all at once mind you, but down they will all go, eventually. It is a mathematical certainty, just as two plus two equals four.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      There’s a man who sees the future clearly.

      Living in the cold north, is only for the stonger, healthier ones who can cut, chop and haul firewood (without a car or truck when the grid goes down and the gas stations won’t work.)

      But as people get older (unless they die before 60), will freeze to death as they lose the strength to do all the heavy firewood work.

      People who don’t have breathing problems can survive fairly good in the hot south, but basically, when the grids (and fuel networks, water, sewer gas, etc) all goes down, it’s gonna be a lot of dead people who have borderline health issues.

      The people with BIG health issues can only survive in a very controlled environment, with plenty of food, water, A/C, heating, air filtration, and medical supplies.

      Get ready for your own worst situations, and don’t forget to grow plenty of food and SYAO.

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