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North Korean Sanctions Distract the West From Vanishing Freedom at Home

from The Daily Bell:

UN Votes Wednesday on Tough New North Korea Sanctions … The U.N. Security Council votes Wednesday on a resolution that would impose the toughest sanctions on North Korea in two decades. –AP

North Korea is the target of yet more negotiated sanctions and the mainstream media won’t provide many articles that question them.

The propaganda is thick here. North Korea fights no wars with its adversaries (though it is still technically at war with South Korea) and doesn’t target enemies with the sanctions it regularly undergoes.

Nonetheless, it is convenient to point fingers at North Korea, and in doing so distract the gaze of Western populations from the increasingly authoritarian positions of their own nation-states.

These latest sanctions are actually the result of North Korea’s determination to continue developing nuclear weapons, but given the world’s hostility, who can blame them?

In some sense the sanctions are a kind of carefully modulated dance. For instance, while these new sanctions are apparently broad and deep, AP informs us that, “China, Pyongyang’s neighbor, was reluctant to impose measures that could threaten the stability of North Korea and cause its economy to collapse.”

This is in part the reason North Korea exists at all. China ensures the viability of the regime so that 20 million Koreans don’t begin to destabilize its Western flank. If China didn’t want North Korea, there probably would no North Korea.

How well will these sanctions work? Probably no better than previous sanctions, which have been circumvented as a matter of course.

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