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North Korea Nuclear Hoax Heightens Alternative Media Skepticism

from The Daily Bell:

Kim Jong-un orders North Korea’s nuclear arsenal on standby Kim Jong-un’s bombastic statement came after the UN security council’s adoption of tough new sanctions on Pyongyang. –UK Telegraph

Some of the biggest fear-based propaganda swirls around the nuclear resources of the modern age. For instance, North Korea claims to have a new-type “large-caliber multiple launch rocket system.”

However, the Telegraph article reports that “experts are divided” about the country’s ability to mount warheads on “working missile delivery system.”

North Korea feeds the fear. Now it has released photos of Kim looking at a mock up of miniaturized atomic bomb — “a small, silverish globe with a ballistic missile or a model ballistic missile in the background.”

According to Reuters, South Korea disputed the North’s claim regarding miniaturized warheads. The alternative media weighed in skeptically as well.

The Daily Sheeple posted an article entitled, “Guess It’s Supposed To Be Scary, But Kim Jong-Un Just Looks Stupid Posing With This Supposed Mini Nuke.”

… We live in an age of the perpetual war on terror, but a more appropriate name would be the “War of Terror” because the biggest weapon used in it is fear.

At this point, pictures like this one just look downright silly. They look like they should be part of a caption-of-the-week contest and not real life … That didn’t stop this story from being plastered all over the mainstream U.S. media, though.

Internet skepticism evolves.

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