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Nancy Reagan Blamed for AIDS Epidemic by Liberals – On DAY OF HER FUNERAL

from Mark Dice:

On day day of Nancy Reagan’s funeral, countless liberals took to social media to blame her for AIDS, saying she hated LGBTQ people and watched thousands of them die. Mainstream media publications are reporting the same allegations.

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3 comments to Nancy Reagan Blamed for AIDS Epidemic by Liberals – On DAY OF HER FUNERAL

  • Eric

    Stop calling them “liberals.”

    They are unprogressive and communist retards!

    • KRELL427

      you are right about that, the sad truth is when you try to inform family and freinds they think you are a wack job. Fuck them i have tried now I just continue on . these sick MF s create all this shit .i

      • Eric

        Krell, my folks are visiting me now and amazingly we are getting along so far.

        But they are in so much denial and so is everyone else if they still think Trump or anyone else is going to fix any of it. All of these fiat currencies are going away.

        I expect nothing less than absolute chaos and destruction. And all of these simple things that everyone takes for granted each day will become a distant memory of what was once not even considered a luxury.

        Of course out of chaos will come order.

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