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Miracle molecule found in human breast milk shown to kill drug-resistant superbugs

by Sarah Landers, Natural News:

Human breast milk is a wonderful thing – it gives new born babies the perfect mix of vitamins, proteins, fats and antibodies to help combat bacterial infections and viruses.(1)

For thousands of years, breastfed children have benefited from this additional protection against disease during their vital first months of life. However, in a breakthrough new report by U.K. scientists, breast milk is now considered vital to adults too.

Scientists have developed an antibiotic from human breast milk that will play a crucial part in the fight against superbugs, which currently kill around 700,000 people worldwide every year. This figure is predicted to rise up to 10 million by 2050 according to a panel set up by Prime Minister David Cameron to tackle the growing problem.

What is a superbug?

In short, a superbug is a pathogen that is resistant to the treatments that are commonly used against it. One widely known superbug is MRSA, which is resistant to many drugs that had been available to fight it. Medical experts warn that, as the global population continues to increase and fewer antibiotics are discovered, we will see an increase in extremely dangerous infections that are a threat to human life.(2)

David Cameron has warned that these superbugs could plunge modern medicine “back into the Dark Ages,” and according to the U.K.’s Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, ministers have not yet even begun to plan for a world without antibiotics, because it is hoped that powerful new drugs will be discovered in time.(3)

Superbugs commonly spread in hospitals, affecting people who are being treated for something completely different whilst their immune systems are weaker. At the moment, the only real way to help prevent the spreading of these bugs is to advise people to wash their hands regularly in an attempt to limit exposure.

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