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Military Admits Trillion Dollar F-35 Program is a Failure

by Joshua Krause, Activist Post:

For over a decade the US military has spent $1.5 trillion dollars to create an all-purpose fighter jet that would replace their diverse fleet of warplanes. It’s a project that has been rife with criticism for being grossly over budget and delayed for years, not to mention the fact that the plane is riddled with technical flaws and lacks maneuverability (most recently, it was revealed that the F-35 has a faulty radar that needs to be frequently restarted). And each of these problem prone aircraft cost 3 to 5 times as much to manufacture as older fighter jets, like the F-15 and F-16.

Now officials with the Pentagon are admitting that this massive boondoggle is a total bust. One official admitted that to replace the Air Force’s entire fleet, which was the original intention of the F-35 program, they would have eliminate a fifth of their squadrons to afford it. Two generals said that the whole idea of an all-purpose aircraft was flawed from the start, and the Pentagon is already planning a 6th generation fighter jet to replace the F-35.

To maintain any semblance of air superiority, the military will be forced to maintain their older weapon systems alongside the F-35 until a replacement is made, which is the ultimate proof that the concept of an all-purpose fighter jet is a complete failure. By the time the next generation fighter is in production, which is expected by the year 2040, our fleet of F-15s and F-16s will be 70 years old and completely outclassed by Chinese and Russian aircraft.

What’s worse is that even though the military hates this plane, they can’t scrap the project. Too much money has been spent to back out now, which you might recognize as the same logical fallacy that keeps compulsive gamblers from walking away from slot machines.

In addition to this, over 1,300 suppliers employing 133,000 people in 45 states, are responsible for building the F-35. This means that most members of Congress will be unwilling to vote down the project, for fear of killing jobs in their districts. So for the next few decades, the military is stuck with this faulty aircraft, and the taxpayers are stuck with the bill.

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6 comments to Military Admits Trillion Dollar F-35 Program is a Failure

  • philipat


    1. Will the Contractors be refunding the wasted taxpayers funds?
    2. Russias latest generation of military jets can shoot anything the US has out of the sky.

    Well done Guys, great performance…

    • a guy from Ukraine

      Don’t worry! You don’t live in Russia after all where they have to invest mindfully every single dollar of the country’s limited reserves. The Federal Reserve, the real Owner of the american federal government, will be there to help your american government out with all of that futile expenditure. They have created trillions upon trillions of dollars ouf of the thin air, so they will just issue a couple more trillions, if need be. Who cares? After all, what is a few trillions (or a few dozens of trilions) of dollars spent for the sacred and sole purpose of preserving the high standards of democracy around the world by the Lord chosen and most righteous Land of the Free…


    According to Senator James Langford (R-OK) “It’s a beautiful plane.”
    Signs off on his news letters……In God We Trust!

  • C.i.

    Taxpayers In Australia Are Still Waiting For Delivery To Our Government Of These Things.

    Who Is Responsible…..we Will Never Know.


  • Fedup

    Remember the F-4 Phantom? The F-111 Aardvark? The A-7 Corsair II? Haven’t they learn anything?

    One plane for inter-service use never really works. The different services have different needs and applications for their equipment. Trying to get one for all of them to use is a big mistake. This was doomed to fail since the start like what they tried in the ’60s.

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