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Liberal Logic: Stealing Okay If You’re From The Hood

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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1 comment to Liberal Logic: Stealing Okay If You’re From The Hood

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Many of us may not have first hand experience with the ghetto-thug, arrogant, loud & proud behavior that I have had the unfortunate pleasure to experienced, but I can tell you, that I will not cry for those thuggy acting fools when the crash arrives.

    In the same week that the EBT cards quit working…..

    Things will quickly change from “Black Lives Matter” into “A can of Pork and Beans Matters more”.

    $400 gym shoes won’t put food on the table. Gold “teef” will become the target of “Tooth Robbers who have a pair of pliers & a gun”.

    In fact, I imagine that anybody driving a “tricked out ghetto cruiser”, will be targets for the “tooth robbers” because the driver is SURE to have some GOLD TEEF worthy of stealing.

    I imagine that a single good tooth, will become worth about $1000 for scrap. It has been a long tradition “in the hood” to grab & run with somebody’s gold chain from around the neck.

    The day will come, when nobody in the “hood” dares to smile and reveal their “gold teef”.

    Wow. Ghetto people who keep their mouths SHUT and keep QUIET? That’s gonna be a BIG adjustment. (I don’t think they’ll live long enough to adjust.)

    The ghetto thugs will terrorize their communities, right up until they shoot up their SINGLE BOX of shells. I doubt that many ghetto thugs have anymore than 2 or 3 boxes of shells, and those are often used up for New Year’s & the 4th of July, or on any night that is a “Hennesy or Remy Martin” celebration.

    I am SO glad that I don’t live near ANY ghetto-ized city or town. Nearest place is 100 miles (Montgomery, Al.) Detroit is just an old, bad memory.

    Still have some relatives living in places like Chicago, Toledo, and other places that will become a war zone. They won’t see the need for escaping until it’s too late.

    Some people don’t see the bad signs until it slaps them on the ass.

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