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Keiser Report: Warnings from Confucius

from RT:

In this special double-header episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look at the warnings from Confucius and Adam Smith. First, they look at the danger of those who think but do not learn; so ‘free trade’ deals are imposed because a ‘think tank’ believes it’s a great ideological idea but without looking at history to see what happens when wealth and hope are taken from an entire class of people. Then they look at the most important issue of 2016: creeping monopolization as oligopolies emerge in every major sector in America and across the world.

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1 comment to Keiser Report: Warnings from Confucius

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    SGT team does not put up stuff to bore us or spew stupid things.

    For anybody who has NEVER watched one of these Keiser Reports (with Max & Stacy) will be very glad they watched the first 10 minutes. Then you can decide if you wish to watch the rest.

    I found this team analysis of things, VERY well done. The level of clever intelligence between Max & Stacy in the way the expose the bad things, and suggest good ways to go, was very enjoyable.

    Thanks Sean, picking some of the Keiser Reports are a good choice, even if most of your site followers haven’t yet checked this out.

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