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Jeff Rense & David Duke – Zionists Want Trump Gone

from Jeff Rense:

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8 comments to Jeff Rense & David Duke – Zionists Want Trump Gone

  • Silver Shield

    This is laughable at this point…
    Who is the only candidate…
    To propose using nukes against Muslims….
    To propose banning Muslim immigrants…
    To propose taking Muslim oil…
    To endorse Benjamin Netanyahu…
    To say he only trusts people with yarmalukes counting his money…
    To speak at AIPAC and says he’s is the greatest friend of Israel…
    To hound Obama for his not supporting the Zionist plan for even more war…
    And have Jewish grandchildren.

    No not even Bernie Sanders is that much of a Zionist.

    The Alt Media is now Coopted Media.

    • Gnostic

      The Alt Media is now Coopted Media. Yes and we visit here daily,

      It’s the new opiate of the masses. Pick your flavor.

      • Eric


        I do not consider Trump a “Zionist.” He is a nationalist.

        But I am convinced he is part of the Sons of St. Tammany/Columbian brotherhood and part of the Judeo-Masonic Order.”

        Major ties to the Scottish Rite and the mafia. Gingrich is either lying or not telling us something about how he “hasn’t been through the initiation rites, isn’t part of the secret societies.”

        • Zionism is a form of nationalism, though. While I personally believe there’s far more nuance in the power structure between intergenerational elites, like Royals and “immortalizing” projects such as Cecil Rhodes’ Last Will, and the financier class atop which Rothschild sits, they tend to use each other quite effectively and rarely have conflicting aims.

          Like you’ve pointed out, I could hardly imagine how a Masonic Nationalist could ever “buck the trend,” especially not with CFR fellows who studied under Brzezinski at McGill on his rhetorically “non-interventionalist” foreign policy cabinet.

          And Chris, alt-media has been co-opted for quite some time now. People, deep down, don’t want to learn HOW to think. They want someone to tell them WHAT to think and are simply changing their preference from MSM vectors to online alternatives. The Herd has been lead out of the frying pan and into the fire, so to speak.

          • Eric

            Zionism is a form of nationalism. That’s true but only in regards to Israel.

            I think his daughter’s dynastic marriage has a lot to do with it.

            Like you said, they rarely have conflicting aims. The goals are still the same…

            A global surveillance fascist/communist police state led and controlled by the Judeo-Masonic Order.

            When the jewish messiah i.e. Satan gets here, I bet the sheepish goyim will fall over themselves kissing his feet.

    • Gnostic

      I must admit…Trump has Mega Chutzpah, He was groomed well.

    • Gnostic


      There still are a few non-biased alternative media sites. Unfortunately one of the best, Kyle Hunt’s Renegade Broadcasting has been attacked 4 days ago and still down, SGT is still up. Sofia Smallstorm stated her best & most honest interviewer has been Sage of Quay Mike Williams, This was recently posted on their site,

      Trump Kisses Zionist Ass at AIPAC

      Before you watch… get a barf bag – you’ll need it if you’re awake.

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