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Jaco Schipper: Why the allocated status of the ECB’s gold is so important

by Chris Powell, GATA:

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Our friend the Dutch economist Jaco Schipper, who four years ago discovered the acknowledgement by a former president of the Bank for International Settlements that the gold market long had been rigged by central banks at the behest of the United States —

— today explains why he believes that the European Central Bank’s recent assertion that its gold is almost fully allocated is so important.

Like some others in the GATA camp, Schipper anticipates an official upward revaluation of gold as the primary mechanism for reliquefying central banks and lifting the world’s burden of unredeemable debt.

Schipper’s analysis is headlined “ECB: Eurozone Almost Fully Allocated” and it’s posted at his Internet site here:

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1 comment to Jaco Schipper: Why the allocated status of the ECB’s gold is so important

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Data is not honest, so in the end, the only data that matters is = “How many ounces are in my hands.”

    The manipulators will run dry when they are empty. We will know it when it gets here.


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