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It’s US Vs China in Commodities & China is Winning! – Carlo Civelli, Mining Sector Expert

from Crush the Street:

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3 comments to It’s US Vs China in Commodities & China is Winning! – Carlo Civelli, Mining Sector Expert

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Unprecidented events (MOAR Boating accidents than ever before).

    As Negative rates gain speed, I expect Gun safe sales gotta be going up, up UP.

    That reminds me, on Monday, I’m calling up the landscape supply company and ordering a full 20 yard dump truck (free delivery) of garden compost & topsoil mixture to upgrade this FLORIDA beach sand soil, and will spread it over my garden plot and rotor-till it in.

    Garden getting ready for action. (Most people have trouble from TOO much CLAY in their soil, but MY problem is we have NO clay in my area. Clay holds nutrients and water, while this sand allows water and nutrients to be washed away very quickly.)

    So, MY load, will be 1/3 topsoil, and 2/3 CLAY. After I mix it into my garden, I’ll end up with about 15-20% clay, which will create the perfect LOAM soil that I desire.

    Good Luck. SYAO.

    Food? Grow ‘Em & Eat ‘Em.

    • Ed_B

      Very good plan, Craig. We have the opposite problem here, so I will be getting a pickup load of composted manure and a 2nd load of sand to keep the mix loamy. We have plenty of clay here because most of that which is not clay has been washed away by now. But good gardeners know the quality of their local soil and what should be added to it to make the best garden they can make.

      Now… if I only had the space for a nice greenhouse, I could extend our growing season by 2-3 months. 🙂

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Green house, yes, would be nice for all northern areas. Be CLEVER.

        Watch some youtube videos on making various sized Hoop Houses. But the most heat-capturing cover, would be the Swimming Pool bubble wrap known as Crystal Clear. I just searched Amazon, and a section that’s 18ft X 36ft (16 mils) with about 7 year warranty, is about $150.

        From my reading, I’ve learned that UNDHEATED hoop house with the standard hoop house plastic sheet, will add about 10F degrees to your environment.

        But the clear, bubble wrap will add and hold about 20F degrees.

        You can use this stuff, to enclose a porch, patio, etc. Or make mini hoop houses (cold frame) that are just 3ft X 7ft X 2ft tall. Do a google search for images and you’ll get all kinds of great ideas.

        Good Luck.

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