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ISIS Killed My Friends — Brussels Terrorist Attack

from Stefan Molyneux:

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2 comments to ISIS Killed My Friends — Brussels Terrorist Attack

  • John Australia

    Stefan is always pleasant to listen to.
    A beautiful sounding voice to my ear.
    However, it is evident that the world needs leaders, intelligent people to rise from the masses and ask the hard questions.
    For example, what world powerful entity/group benefits (in their insane psychopathic way) from the causation of this event and other events which all have similar modus operandi.

  • tomche

    We can thank “Hitlery”, the CIA and MOSSAD for the ISIS creation, funding and arms. This information is widely available and, thanks to Wikileaks, her emails acknowledging it’s planning and creation are wisely known.
    Agree with you, John, in that I rather enjoy Stefan’s pleasant-sounding voice. Nice. His intellect is quite keen and for that I always appreciate his POV.

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