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Is Donald Trump For Real?

from WeAreChange:

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the results from super tuesday and how the race will be between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Presidential election. We concentrate on the pros and cons of Donald Trump and the paradox he has been creating against the establishment and anti establishment.

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1 comment to Is Donald Trump For Real?

  • Dissolution

    Since this really is down to a Trump vs. Hillary scenario, look at it this way, Luke:

    Re: Libel laws–I think he was focusing on this in the context of going after the Mockingbird media; I’m ok with that. And in Hillary’s case, rather than go after you legally, she’ll just kill you. Which is worse, a fined/imprisoned CIA-linked propagandist, or a dead alternative media blogger?

    Re: Apple vs. FBI–the whole thing is a ruse, corroborated by MacAfee. Besides, Apple already has backdoors, and already has provided keys to the FBI.

    Re: NSA. Can it honestly be any worse? And if it can, will it be worse under Trump than Clinton? I don’t think so.

    Re: Waterboarding/torture–I’d love to waterboard me some ISISes; go for it! In all seriousness, which is worse, funding real terrorists while imprisoning innocent people, or waterboarding said terrorists? Chalk up the former for Clinton.

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