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Indian ANGER At Gold Policies Is Growing

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

What’s the EASIEST way to create unrest among India’s population? Target their gold. This has been a growing obsession with India’s new, puppet government, and thus unrest among Indians is growing as well.

The latest policy to spark anger among Indians is the new 1% “excise tax” which the government has announced plans to implement. The result of this extremely unpopular announcement is that India’s jewelers have announced a “three-day strike” to DEMONSTRATEtheir outrage. In making this announcement, India’s jewelers drew attention to a couple of important points. In fact, the government was RE-INTRODUCING this measure, as it had tried to impose a similar tax on two, previous occasions: 2005 and 2012. And India’s jewelers reminded the government that both times, the tax was rescinded after WIDESPREAD OUTRAGE.

However, presumably, in 2005 and 2012 India’s government wasn’t already under-the-thumb of the One Bank, at least not to the degree of the current puppet regime. All doubt was eliminated on that front when the Modi regime announced its (banker-driven) “gold deposit scheme” — i.e. scam. It was (is) pure fraud, as everyone here now knows.

Indians Swapping Their Gold For ‘Magic Beans’

The fact that India’s population has completely shunned the scam — after some initial enthusiasm — shows that this government has already lost its credibility, if not its support, among the population. This raises the issue: how hard is the One Bank willing to push, just to have a 1% tax act as a minor drag on the market? FORCING the puppet government to follow through almost certainly means it will be thrown out of office in the next election.

The Bankers’ India Gold Grab: An Update

This raises a sub-question: how ‘loyal’ is the Modi regime? Is it willing to sacrifice its own political support (and power) just to please its new Master? Does the Modi regime currently serve willingly (i.e. through bribery) or unwillingly (i.e. through some form of coercion)?

If it serves willingly, maybe the Puppets will choose to cut their own strings???


P.S. There was a hilarious propaganda moment at the end of this article, where it refers to the gold deposit scam. First of all, the bankers have finally thought-up a reputable name for their scam. They’re now calling it the “gold monetization initiative” — i.e. more of their gibberish double-talk.

Gold is “money. So, the obvious question is how do you “monetize” money???

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