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by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

When the Big Bank crime syndicate (and our puppet governments) announced all of their near-zero interest rates, and “quantitative easing” (i.e. monetizing debt) back at the beginning of 2009, all the central bankers and all the puppet-politicians smugly assured us that “they would NEVER COPY JAPAN.” Then, immediately, they continued to copy Japan — except to a greater (and even more-fraudulent) degree.

This obvious lie/betrayal has been pointed out in a number of my own previous commentaries. Yet, strangely, it is something which is rarely noted by any other Alternative Media commentators.

The Girl Who Cried ‘Exit Strategy’

For readers with functional memories; they will recall that at the end of 2008, B.S. Bernanke (aka The Boy Who Cried ‘Exit Strategy’) promised to “normalize interest rates”, immediately, in early 2009. This was his supposed Exit Strategy from the most-extreme, monetary insanity ever contemplated. This promise was echoed by the equally trustworthy mouthpieces of the other central banks of the Western bloc.

After that, every few months, the Boy would “promise” he was going to raise the U.S. interest rate (from 0% all the way to 0.25%). And all the mainstream media talking-heads would echo that promise, treating it as the Gospel, and (strangely) never remembering any of the previous, broken promises.

The original promise to “normalize” interest rates had vanished completely. Strangely, none of the legion of mainstream talking-heads ever noticed that, either. But even after this bait-and-switch, all of the Boy’s subsequent promises were just as empty as the first.

Flash ahead to early 2014: 5+ years of the Boy “promising” to raise the U.S. interest rate from (a criminal) 0%, to (a merely insane) 0.25%; 5+ years of duplicating Japan’s failed economic policy, while the Boy also promised us he would “never copy Japan.” And, of course, we had 5+ years of the mainstream talking-heads treating every promise as if it had been carved in stone, from Heaven above…

Now, in 2016, after 7 years of “copying Japan” (except to a greater extreme) we have one of the tentacles of the Big Bank crime syndicate stating the obvious: since the moment these corrupt regimes and their central bank puppet masters began “rescuing us” from the Crash of ’08, all that they have been (really) doing is duplicating Japan’s recipe for turning a strong/healthy economy into a crippled, bankrupt, train-wreck.

Of course we don’t get that level of honesty in this propaganda from CNBC. According to the mainstream media (and HSBC) it’s “the world” that is copying Japan. Wrong.

Outside of Japan, these near-zero (and negative) interest rates are a purely Western monetary crime. “Quantitative easing” (i.e. conjuring worthless currency out of thin air) is a purely Western monetary crime. The Rest of the World has not been copying Japan. They have tried to maintain normal interest rates, and legitimate monetary policies.

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