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Hillary Clinton on Emails: ‘No Basis’ for Concerns About Indictment

by Susan Jones, CNSnews:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday brushed aside concerns that someone will be indicted in connection with her use of a private email server used to send thousands of email that were later judged to contain classified or top secret information.

John Dickerson, host of CBS’s “Face the Nation,” told Clinton he has “talked to Democrats and they worry that somebody is going to get indicted.”

“Well, there is no basis for that,” Clinton responded.

Referring to Bryan Pagliano, a former State Department staffer who has been granted immunity from prosecution in the ongoing criminal investigation, Clinton called it a “security review.”

“I’m delighted that he has agreed to cooperate, as everyone else has. And I think that we will be moving toward a resolution of this, because, after all–”

“You see this (immunity) as good news?” Dickerson interrupted.

“Yes, I do. Absolutely. I think we’re getting closer and closer to wrapping this up. I also know that there were reports today about the hundreds of officials and thousand e-mails that they were sending back and forth that have been looked at and classified retroactively.

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