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GOOD FRIDAY & THE SHROUD: Astounding Scientific Evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Everybody thinks that the tomb signifies death. Not at all. The exact opposite. The shroud and the tomb signifies an unbelievable beginning… We have nothing less in the tomb of Christ than the beginning of a new universe.” – Particle Physicist Isabel Piczek

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28 comments to GOOD FRIDAY & THE SHROUD: Astounding Scientific Evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

  • Timco

    Not everything can be explained by science. That’s why we call it Faith.

    • Joel

      True dat, Brother.. And we don’t necessarily have to rely on science, either. We can look at history and basic logic.. The Disciples were chicken before Jesus was crucified. After He rose from the dead, He came back to meet with the Disciples. And they were no longer chicken. They did not fear death. They became Martyrs for Christianity. Why would men who were too chicken to stand up for Jesus eventually became fearless? Aha. Because He rose from the dead. He is Risen! And that gave them courage. Through Jesus, we should be just as courageous.

  • Healthy Skeptic

    I don’t believe the stories in the NT are literally true. There is no CREDIBLE historicity for the life of Jesus Christ as told in the contradicting gospels. This story was manufactured years after the purported life of Jesus.

    While science and scholarship have demonstrated that the Shroud of Turin is not the burial cloth of Jesus but instead a fourteenth-century forgery, shroud devotees continue to claim otherwise.

    In medieval Europe alone there were more than forty “True Shrouds,” although the Turin Cloth uniquely bears the apparent imprints of a man, crucified like Jesus in the gospel narratives. Unfortunately, the alleged “relic” has not fared well in various scientific examinations, except those conducted by Shroud partisans like those of the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP), whose leaders served on the executive council of the pro-authenticity Holy Shroud Guild.

    The following facts have been established by various distinguished experts and scholars:

    The shroud contradicts the Gospel of John, which describes multiple cloths (including a separate “napkin” over the face), as well as “an hundred pound weight” of burial spices–not a trace of which appears on the cloth.

    No examples of the shroud linen’s complex herringbone twill weave date from the first century, when burial cloths tended to be of plain weave in any case.

    The shroud has no known history prior to the mid-fourteenth century, when it turned up in the possession of a man who never explained how he had obtained the most holy relic in Christendom.

    The earliest written record of the shroud is a bishop’s report to Pope Clement VII, dated 1389, stating that it originated as part of a faith-healing scheme, with “pretended miracles” being staged to defraud credulous pilgrims.

    The bishop’s report also stated that a predecessor had “discovered the fraud and how the said cloth had been cunningly painted, the truth being attested to by the artist who had painted it” (emphasis added).

    Although, as St. Augustine lamented in the fourth-century, Jesus’ appearance was completely unknown, the shroud image follows the conventional artistic likeness.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

    Are the New Testament gospels history? Where’s the proof?

    This is the first of a long-ago promised video(s). This series is going to be quite lengthy so I hope to upload one part per week. Also, since beliefs do vary quite a bit, perhaps hold off judgment until you’ve watched more because it very well may be that the full impact is not achieved until more evidence has been placed upon the table.

    Excavating The Empty Tomb – Part 1

    Truth’s Surge Home page with the entire series.

    • SGT

      Each man must discover the truth in his own way, in his own time. But I tell you this fact: The powers that be who are in control of this planet defile Jesus Christ and His word every chance they get, and they worship Lucifer. That’s a fact. As they roll out their NWO beast system, you will eventually be forced to pick a side.

      • chris

        Agree 100%, Sean. If Jesus was a ‘maybe’… then why is evil so hung up on him???

      • Healthy Skeptic

        “Each man must discover the truth in his own way, in his own time.”

        I agree and that’s why I have concluded that after years of research into the Bible that the stories are mostly mythological and are not to be interpreted as literally taking place. “Truth” has to have a basis in fact and evidence and not some feel good feelings. Of course you won’t review any of the videos I posted as that would really challenge your cherished BELIEFS that you and many others have been indoctrinated in with rational questions and points of the MANY errors in the Bible. You conveniently pawn things off on a mythological Satan or Lucifer or the Devil without ever having to address the hard questions and points of contention can[t you. This is a sign of a cult mindset.

        • SGT

          Look brother, I cannot convince you of the realm beyond this world, but my mentioning the elite’s preoccupation with Satan and the worship of Lucifer is not “mythology”, it is well documented fact. Whether or not you believe Lucifer is real is inconsequential, because THEY firmly believe it. Please watch this to better understand the powers aligned against humanity and Christianity. If you think this is all the imaginary foolishness of weak minded people, so be it. I am only trying to help you see the Light. You may want to actually WATCH the video related to this comment thread (above), as well as the ones below.

          Top Illuminati Grand Wizard: “We Control Islam and We’ll Use It to Destroy the West.”

          How “Satan’s Army” Is Rising NOW!

          And this: The REAL ”Secret Agenda” For America Is A Secret No More

          Then watch this too:

          For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. – King James Bible: Ephesians 6:12

          • Healthy Skeptic

            I see you’re not willing to do REAL research into the subject matter. The Truth Surge video series clearly shows all the errors and CONTRADICTIONS in the gospel STORIES, especially the resurrection account. There were over 40 gospels written and only four were picked to be in the NT at the Council of Nicaea in 325CE. All the originals gospels are all found to be written in Greek and not in the languages of Aramaic or Hebrew, the languages of the area of the purported events. Why is this?

            There are some demonstrable interpolations placed into the NT story by the Catholic church.

            Quoting from the Bible to show that the Bible is not full of errors and contradictions and could not have been the creation of some men’s imagination is employing the logical fallacy of circular reasoning.

            Contradictions in the Resurrection Account

            How many days did Jesus teach after his resurrection? Most Christians know that “He appeared to them over a period of forty days” (Acts 1:3). But the supposed author of that book wrote elsewhere that he ascended into heaven the same day as the resurrection (Luke 24:51).

            When Jesus died, did an earthquake open the graves of many people, who walked around Jerusalem and were seen by many? Only Matthew reports this remarkable event. It’s hard to imagine any reliable version of the story omitting this zombie apocalypse.

            The different accounts of the resurrection are full of contradictions like this. They can’t even agree on whether Jesus was crucified on the day before Passover (John) or the day after (the other gospels).

            What were the last words of Jesus? Three gospels give three different versions.

            Who buried Jesus? Matthew says that it was Joseph of Arimathea. No, apparently it was the Jews and their rulers, all strangers to Jesus (Acts).

            How many women came to the tomb Easter morning? Was it one, as told in John? Two (Matthew)? Three (Mark)? Or more (Luke)?

            Did an angel cause a great earthquake that rolled back the stone in front of the tomb? Yes, according to Matthew. The other gospels are silent on this extraordinary detail.

            Who did the women see at the tomb? One person (Matthew and Mark) or two (Luke and John)?

            Was the tomb already open when they got there? Matthew says no; the other three say yes.

            Did the women tell the disciples? Matthew and Luke make clear that they did so immediately. But Mark says, “Trembling and bewildered, the women went out and fled from the tomb. They said nothing to anyone, because they were afraid.” And that’s where the book ends, which makes it a mystery how Mark thinks that the resurrection story ever got out.


            Did Mary Magdalene cry at the tomb? That makes sense—the tomb was empty and Jesus’s body was gone. At least, that’s the story according to John. But wait a minute—in Matthew’s account, the women were “filled with joy.”

            Did Mary Magdalene recognize Jesus? Of course! She’d known him for years. At least, Matthew says that she did. But John and Luke make clear that she didn’t.

            Could Jesus’s followers touch him? John says no; the other gospels say yes.

            Where did Jesus tell the disciples to meet him? In Galilee (Matthew and Mark) or Jerusalem (Luke and Acts)?

            Who saw Jesus resurrected? Paul says that a group of over 500 people saw him (1 Cor. 15:6). Sounds like crucial evidence, but why don’t any of the gospels record it?

            Should the gospel be preached to everyone? In Matthew 28:19, Jesus says to “teach all nations.” But hold on—in the same book he says, “Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans” (Matt. 10:5).

            Which is it? They all can’t be true because they obviously contradict one another.

            The Forged Origins of the New Testament

            A Skeptics Guide To Christianity

            How the new “god’ was created, called Jesus H. Christ
            What really happened at the Council of Nacaea?

        • johnny fever

          I have to call BS on this .. without ever having to address the hard questions and points of contention can[t you. This is a sign of a cult mindset… who does answer this the atheists don’t, science doesn’t .. there is no debating the old earth, evolution, they don’t want debate .. because it is full of BS .. so who is right … there is a battle of good vs evil,it is evident

        • Eric

          What we should really be arguing about is why my god is better than your god.

          The powers that be really like that. 😉

    • Scott

      Everybody that wishes for world peace must first take a step back and wish for a world without fucking RELiGON!! Stop believing in myths and fairy tales. It took 50 years for shmucks to finally accept the world was not flat after it was first disclosed.

      Hopefully, after humanity’s next near extinction event what will rise from the ashes is a greater level of intelligence wher God and RELiGON are shelved along side Santa Claus and the Easter bunny!

  • Millicent

    Holy Super Shemitah Batman!
    This Planet is a Nuthouse… no wonder it is so screwed up.

  • d

    How can a ‘true christian vote for the democratic parties candidates…mostly progressives that hate cheat and steal…and loath any God but themselves…and yes there are some republicns in this catagory…..yet they are strongly supported by Christians….you pray to one God and vote for other ‘Gods’…..You will be justly rewarded when you meet your maker….Amen….imho

  • counterpoint

    I hate to get involved in stuff like this but I just wanted to throw out my opinion. I honestly don’t think that Jesus would want us sitting around and fighting each other over trivial things. He had only two commandments for his people and he made them quite clear. Love God and love one another. There’s nothing else. There’s no room for anything else when you do as he did and follow in his footsteps. To live your life as he lived his is the gold standard. But you won’t accomplish that by being “religious” and taking part in any one of these denominations.

    The “I love Jesus” crowd kill me. Yeah, that’s great and all, but there’s more to it than looking good, sounding good, and throwing out sound bites. Jesus gave his love to the world when he took up the cross and he wanted us to do the same for each other; to love one another and to sacrifice for each other. That is a very hard path to go down; to stand up to the evil of the world like that. That is why many people simply don’t care about any of that or Christianity/religion/morals/etc. They want an easy life and have kind of a survivalist mentality. I don’t necessarily blame them.

    Its too easy these days to bring upon yourself the weight of the world and its endless hatred. Everyone wants to get their punches in. Look at what they did to Jesus. And what did he do? What did he do to the ones who nailed him to his cross? Oh, the soldiers were just following orders and doing as they were told. Oh, Pilate just wanted to protect his position as governor. He exposed the Pharisees and the money changers for the frauds that they were. He wanted his people to be free of those parasites. He threatened the way of life of those two groups even if it was a bunch of fraud. They wanted their little gravy train to keep going and it mattered little who they had to eliminate to ensure it. Their greed was insatiable. You ever try to wrestle a piece of meat from a hyeena? Do I want to be a martyr? Do you? Do you want to put yourself at the mercy of the state in its cruelty and heartlessness? And make no mistake about it. There is nothing humane or rehabilitating about years of imprisonment (exile/ostracism) if you were in the right with God to begin with. You walk out like a vegetable. Except those are mental/psychological scars that the world cannot see. You make your own choices.

    I could go on and on but I’m tired of this…

  • glitter 1

    There are those who will spend a life time to try and disprove the historical book,The Holy Bible,however the physical evidence can not/has not ever been proven wrong.The single greatest proof of historical authenticity is the nation of Israel.For the believer the following group of videos documents the archaeological work of Ron Wyatt,which verifies/documents the veracity of the Biblical accounts as given in The Book.The video relative to the Ark Of The Covenant is of special documented evidence.All will be revealed/testified in due time.

    In Lucifer’s kingdom (physical Earth)initiation is required(hidden/difficult).In Jesus’ kingdom (spiritual)faith is required,faith in his words/promises(open/easy).

  • johnny fever

    Well my 2 cents .. There is ample evidence the world is 6K old, 100 reasons why, the evolutionists have one reason why Radiometric dating but this is proving them wrong .. Carbon 14 in dino bones, carbon 14 in diamonds, they have carbon dated just killed creatures, the lab says thousands of years old, creature just killed, they don’t want to tell you the truth .. Old earth public school teaching is complete BS . look at genetics DNA … the information in DNA is many encyclopedias worth .. where the heck does information come from

    The luciferian control grid is everywhere .. everything they do denies God, why? the answer is obvious … people can not think critically the indoctrination is so complete they can not believe the MSM is wrong.. i try to wake people up 9/11, moon landing, Sandy hook .. they cannot think logically, critically they don’t want to know the truth

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