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General Mills to Label ALL Products with GMOs, Thanks to Vermont’s GMO Labeling Law

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

A watershed moment has just occurred in food transparency. General Mills (GM), the same company that tried to impair genetically modified food-labeling by donating more than a million dollars to defeat legislation in several states, is about to label its products containing genetically modified ingredients.

Along with being part of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) – Big Food’s national lobby group, GM has announced that it will label all their products if they contain genetically modified ingredients.

The multinational food company says that it will label GM products due to a need to be cost-effective with Vermont’s new GMO labeling law going into effect this summer, but there could be other incentives for General Mills to start labeling.

Jeff Harmening, head of General Mills’ U.S. retail operations said in a post on a company blog Friday:

“We can’t label our products for only one state without significantly driving up costs for our consumers, and we simply won’t do that. The result: Consumers all over the country will soon begin seeing words legislated by the state of Vermont on the labels of many of their favorite General Mills food products.”

Despite a history of trying to keep Americans in the DARK about what is in their food, the company suddenly seems to be bowing to consumer demand for food labeling.

According to Just Label It:

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4 comments to General Mills to Label ALL Products with GMOs, Thanks to Vermont’s GMO Labeling Law

  • tomche

    Yea, right. And you believe them? I have a bridge I’d like to sell you in Tibet.

  • Ed_B

    This entire GMO hoopla could have been avoided, simply by having food companies who are friendly to the organic food labeling movement label their products with a special sticker that is attention-grabbing that reads, “CONTAINS NO GMOs”. That would rather neatly imply that any product not qualifying to display this sticker DOES contain GMOs. Boom.

  • Pay it Forward

    The Non GMO Project does 3rd party testing for companies that want consumers to know theirs don’t contain GMO ingredients. They put a little logo on their packaging that says Non GMO Project Verified. Most of these companies are much smaller in size than GM and they have no problem with the cost of adding the logo to their packaging. The GM quote that “it’ll cost more” to label is BS especially with their profits.

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