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Fiscal and Monetary Madness

by Gary Christenson, GoldSeek:

When central banks and politicians “manage” global currencies, we can expect:

Exponentially increasing debt and currency devaluations
Massive inflations and deflationary crashes.
Transfer of wealth from the many to the few.
Derivatives exceeding $1,000 Trillion and eventually a crash.
A mathematically inevitable financial collapse.
Monetary and fiscal madness.
Booms and busts.
Much higher gold and silver prices.

It has happened before and it will happen again…

Last Century Madness:

  1. Weimar inflation in Germany 1921-1923: The exchange rate for Marks changed from 90 Marks to the US dollar in 1921 to over 4 Trillion Marks to the US dollar in about 2 years.
  2. Argentina devalued their peso and exponentially expanded the currency in circulation so rapidly that Argentina lopped off 13 zeros since 1950.
  3. Zimbabwe printed so many trillions of Z-dollars that inflation, according to Wikipedia, exceeded 200 million percent in 2008.

Current Monetary Madness:

Japan has created a national debt that exceeds 1,000 Trillion yen, about 250% of their GDP.  According to the IMF, Japan’s debt is “unsustainable.”

The US national debt (official only) currently exceeds $19 Trillion, up from $398 Billion in 1971, $5.6 Trillion in 2000, and $10.1 Trillion in October 2008.  National debt has increased at a compounded (exponential) annual rate of about 9% per year since 1971.

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1 comment to Fiscal and Monetary Madness

  • Ed_B

    “Derivatives exceeding $1,000 Trillion…”

    Depending on source, some claim that the derivatives book was $1500T 3 years ago… so, there’s no need to wait for it to get as high as 2/3 of what it already is… or was as of 3 years ago.

    IMO, derivatives will be the Godzilla that ate the world of finance. Insurance is one thing but WAY too much insurance of this kind has been purchased. If a man earns $70k a year, he does not put $60k into insurance policies… yet that is what the financial world seems dead set on doing. Emphasis on dead. 🙁

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