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Expert Warns That Unparalleled Financial Destruction Is “Just Six Months Away”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

The time is nigh.

The crash is coming. It’s waves can be felt pulsing through the system, foretelling its arrival.

But how long will it be until it hits, and how big will its magnitude be?

According to Yale’s Vikram Mansharamani, it is only months away.

Via London Express:
FINANCIAL bubbles across the globe are imploding and the problem is only set to get worse... Prices are falling around the world thanks to the collapse of China’s debt fuelled economic growth and this has triggered a succession of disastrous events that are starting to be realised, according to Vikram Mansharamani, an author and, lecturer at Yale University.

Fears are growing that the world could face a financial crash of unprecedented levels and could even be just six months away.

Bubbles created by the mountain of cheap money made available by low interest rates since the last financial crisis are now starting to burst, said Mr Mansharamani.


Mr Mansharamani added: “We’ve got a bubble bursting, I would argue, in Australian housing markets — that is beginning to crack; South Africa — the whole economy; Canada — housing and the economy; Brazil. We can keep going on and on.”

The details have come out in warnings posted here at SHTF and elsewhere, but the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program changed the metabolism of the global economy.

Like a diabetic or a heroin addict, people in the United States, and in countries abroad all borrow on cheap credit, and face a debilitating spike now that repayment is being demanded – all while oil prices have bottomed out and destroyed the fragile livelihoods of those who depended upon these and other commodity prices.

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3 comments to Expert Warns That Unparalleled Financial Destruction Is “Just Six Months Away”

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    There is a disturbance in the SHTF-Force.

    Even my Silver-Jedi Toilet paper is vibrating itself off the spindle.

    The BIG ONE is closer than ever. The Death Star (Shit Star-Wall Street) is about to implode down the toilet bowl.

    The Silver Rebellion is on the attack. The evil Empire is about to take the big hit.

    We are ALL Silver Jedi.

    I will destroy the evil Emperor (Dimon/Blankfein) with my Silver Light Saber.
    Keep Stackin’.


  • Millicent

    Constant nonsense… six days, six months, six years. YADDAYADDAYADDA

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      I wonder how many passengers on the Titanic felt that all the panic was a bunch of nonsense?

      There had to be some people in their cabins, ignoring all the warning signs until their rooms were 3ft deep in cold water and their beds were floating as the ship was sinking.

      Yadda Yadda yadda,,,,, OH SHIT!!! We really ARE sinking. Blub blub blub.

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