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Donald Trump Disavows NATO And The UN In One Day

fromĀ The Sleuth Journal:

The globalist Establishment must be even more concerned now with Republican frontrunner, Donald J. Trump.

The magnate issued two explicit warnings on Monday regarding two of the most obscure and out of control organizations in the planet: NATO and the United Nations.

On the UN, Trump clearly pointed out its weaknesses and its irrelevance as well as its complicity in many of the disastrous foreign policy decisions adopted by the international community.

Meanwhile, on NATO, Trump correctly pointed out its irrelevance while recognizing that the time for the US to be the policeman of the world -via NATO- should be over rather soon.

Trump launched another important implicit message about peace, or lack thereof, in the Middle East. He clearly sided in favor of peace and of an agreement between Palestinians and Jews, but without the direct intervention of the UN or the United States.

According to Trump, the negotiation between the Jewish State and the Palestinian leadership needs to be forged by the two parts and no one else.

The Republican candidate also disavowed the Iranian State and reminded anyone who listened to him that if elected president, he will deal with Iran in a more straightforward manner.

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