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David Icke’s Response To David Cameron On EU Conspiracy

from DavidIcke:

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3 comments to David Icke’s Response To David Cameron On EU Conspiracy

  • malcolm

    They say that If the UK leaves the EU then it will have a devastating economic outcome for the UK.
    Thing is we already have a devastating outcome economically world wide regardless.
    They say people from the UK will not be able to move to Spain to live, Well looking at the performance of Greece, Brazil, Venez etc whom would want to.
    And lastly France prime minister says apparently that the Channel borders will still let people into the UK if the UK is in or out.
    So on that basis draw your own conclusions.

  • malcolm

    Interest rates are all time low, housing market in the UK is in a bubble.
    Unemployment is way out of control already, regardless.
    Economy is already appears to be in a major slump.


  • jlohn

    Trouble is,the scare tactics will work,there are too many MORONS,with hardly two brain cells to rub together.It worked with the Scottish referendum and it will certainly work in June,sad to say.

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