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DARPA Is Using Mind Control Techniques to Manipulate Social Media

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

There is a plan that is already in existence and it is designed to use mind control techniques through social media. The name of the program is Military Information Support Operations (MISO) and it being run by DARPA.

The following quote is contained in the beginning of the 101 page document so as to leave no doubt as to the intention of nefarious program.

“In this war, which was total in every sense of the word, we have seen many great changes in military science. It seems to me that not the least of these was the development of psychological warfare as a specific and effective weapon.”

General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1945

By way of introduction, the following three quotes from the DARPA sets the tone for just how bad this program is for the American people and that our social media is being used to manipulate us..

The employment of MIS units is governed by explicit legal authorities that direct and determine how their capability is utilized. This legal foundation establishes MISO as a communications means and allows their integration with those strategies that apply the instruments of national power.

Electronic warfare (EW) platforms provide a means of disseminating MISO messages and shaping the information environment through the electronic dissemination of MISO products.

1. General a. Today’s global information environment is complex, rapidly changing, and requires integrated and synchronized application of the instruments of national power to ensure responsiveness to national goals and objectives. Key terrain has undergone a fundamental shift from exclusively geographic to now include relevant populations. This has created an increased need for a broad set of capabilities and policy toengage local, regional, and global audiences. The informational, cultural, social, moral, political, and physical aspects of the operational environment are as critical to operational success as the traditional orientation on adversary military capabilities has been in the past. (EDITOR’S NOTE: PLEASE NOTICE THAT AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE LISTED AS BEING “ADVERSARY”  In the current operational environment, effective influence is gained by unity of effort in what we say and do, and how well we understand the conditions, target audiences (TAs), and operational environment.”

These three quotes are representative of 41 quotes I have complied in relation to the intentional and concentrated efforts of DoD, through DARPA and its MISO creation to use social media to psychologically brainwash an entire population (i.e. “targeted audience).  This goes way beyond the well-known $18 per hour DHS shills that patrol Internet wreaking havoc on Patriot sites.

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