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Crazy! Floating Cities Spotted Again In US and Footage from China

from DAHBOO:

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2 comments to Crazy! Floating Cities Spotted Again In US and Footage from China

  • Idiot Alert

    Hey! To the idiot who made this fake video.
    Its fog on the ground.
    They are tall buildings.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    These are very interesting observations. In some previous ones, it was reported that MOVING cars & people were observed in the floating images.

    I’d say that the most likely explanation is some atmospheric LENS effects between different density air layers, acting like a viewing “tunnel” along with just enough magnification so that the images are large enough to make out plenty of detail.

    Probably very similar to CB radio “Skip”, where a signal bounces off the oinosphere and comes back down, VERY strong at the other end, but the MINIMUM distance of CD radio “skip”, is about 600 miles
    radio signals are “electromagetic radiation” of the INVISIBLE spectrum, at some particular frequencies.

    And there is “shortwave” radio, and other frequencies that can eitehr bounce high, or follow the curvature of the earth for very long distances.

    Very often (or always?) infulenced by the time of day or night, sun activity, etc. Some of the day-nite energies also dictate how or when HAARP (atmospheric heaters) may or may NOT be used.

    VISUAL LIGHT, is ALSO part of the same electromagnetic spectrum, in the frequency range that our EYES can detect.

    I have NO idea if there may be some minimum or maximum range where this happens, but having seem things similar to “desert mirage” effects of hot surfaces creating strange “Lens” effects that distorts the actual images (and rifle snipers are also trained to recognise this “mirage” effect”).

    All those things, pushed me to believe it’s a physical effect of air layers, heat, cold, etc, acting something like a telescope, and mirror to make it possible to actually see REAL places that are hundreds or thousands of miles away.

    Perhaps we can call it “Visual Skip”?

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