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Brussels Terrorist Attacks: Western Origin – Professor Jean Bricmont

by Professor Jean Bricmont, The News Doctors:

Professor Jean Bricmont speaks of how the terror attacks in Brussels, like those in Paris, are the result of Western governments using violent Islamist groups to overthrow regimes in the Middle East and North Africa that are not to their liking, with the support of much of the European Left; how support for the notion of “humanitarian intervention,” has led to the destabilization of Europe, Britain’s Stop the War campaign being the exception. He compares Trump’s public approach to Israel with those of his Republican opponents and Clinton, his praise for Israel at AIPAC notwithstanding, and points out that by publicly saying that he would be “neutral” between Israelis and Palestinians in negotiations, and not paying any political price, whatever else his positions might be, demagogue and all, he has shattered a long held “truism” about US politics, that absolute loyalty to Israel on the part of US politicians is a sine quo non of being successful on the US political scene.

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