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A Naive Assessment Of American Politics Written By An Entitled Youth From A Layabout Generation

from The Burning Platform:

This has been the most turbulent election years in my life. I’m sure my elders would scoff at the assertion “in my life” and point out I am still too young to know better, but they’d be mistaken. We are right on course for this election to be a do-or-die moment for American politics no different than when Abraham Lincoln or Franklin D. Roosevelt were candidates.

At the same time this has also been one of the most boring and predictable elections. Newscasters have turned the election into a reality T.V. freak show which is the most suitable pandering for their ratings-for-profits advertising model. The more controversial the candidate the less work they have to do to find their headlines and collect their advertising revenue.

They’ve become lazy because paying real journalists to find the truth and not being the first to report about where a candidate stopped to eat lunch before Buzzfeed or Huffington Post is too difficult. Meanwhile the people of this country suffer the consequences of lackluster journalism while the media is raking in big profits for little work.

With this premise it isn’t surprising to see a reality T.V. personality rising in the polls and making a mockery of the democratic process. It isn’t surprising to see the power hungry female villain storyline that made Disney a fortune when they ripped off centuries old fairy tales. It wasn’t long ago we saw Omarosa in every weekly preview of the Apprentice playing the female villain and butting heads with Donald Trump. The whole election has been stage directed from the beginning.

None of the candidates represent the American people and none of them know what is good for us as a country.

Trump is talking about building a wall and Hillary is talking about equal pay for women as if this is still a problem in American life. She’s too detached to realize there’s more pressing women’s issues than equal pay or abortion. Most women I know are more worried about rising child care costs, rising housing costs, and whether they will fall into the welfare queen trap because their hours at work and healthcare benefits have been reduced.

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