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’60 MINUTES’ Australia: Satan’s Children [The Pure Horror of Satanic Ritual Abuse Exposed]

from Francisco Figueira:

“Satan’s Children” was originally aired in 1989 by Australian 60 minutes journalist Ian Leslie. Ian interviews a 15-year-old English girl named ‘Teresa’ who details her experience of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse).

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3 comments to ’60 MINUTES’ Australia: Satan’s Children [The Pure Horror of Satanic Ritual Abuse Exposed]

  • willygroper

    Folks…watch this!

    Why is it coming out in the UK & Oz but not here?

    Until folks become not outraged but enraged at this, the 3 pillars of control will remain.

    Finance>>>>gmmnt>>>>religion…kick the leg out whether you have a religion or not.

    These Satanists practice theirs.

    Just because you wouldn’t think of such evil doesn’t mean others don’t.

    It’s difficult to face…grow a pair, or meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  • monica

    It is in our face everyday…the entertainment industry – football half time – music, had one award show were everyone wore devil horns – this is where our politically correct God-less society has taken us. One can not grow a pair big enough for what we have set ourselves and our children and grandchildren up for, and I don’t need to go beyond grandchildren because I firmly believe the ugly, horrific consequence of our lack of humility toward the Creator of All That Is – GOD, will experience in our lifetime. Better to grow some callous on your knees from kneeling in prayer. Candles lit! Be expectant, live from Love and know God is Just.

  • tomche

    Just to get you started if you still doubt…

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